Foundations for Empowered Transformation

(21-Day Lifestyle Reset is a pre-requisite for this program)

Have you noticed that, while one area of your life
might be doing well, other areas are completely
out of balance?

Is your health, your family, your relationship and your career suffering
because you’re spinning out of control – or feeling directionless and stuck?

Staying stuck in one area of life and not having a healthy balance across the board
is caused by a deficit or misalignment in another area of life.

This program is designed to help you balance all areas of your life!

In this program you will learn how to create balance in the six major areas of life.

Because everything in life is connected in one way or another, whenever we experience an imbalance or deficit in one area of life, it inevitably has a detrimental effect on all the other areas of life. Would you like to see a clear vision of your future goals and a specific action plan to achieve them? How about gaining greater awareness and clarity of purpose, and having mindfulness-based practices and release techniques that become the catalyst for your growth?

This program helps you to align with your values, hone your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses and achieve your goals. You will learn tools and techniques that will enable you to truly create your life by design.



  • Personal Investment
    • Early Enrollment pricing $799 (outside of 30 days),
    • Standard pricing $999 (within 15-30 days),
    • Last-minute pricing $1199 (within 14 days)
  • 6-week online course series
  • Weekly Discourse via webinar
  • Daily accountability in strengths/areas for improvement
  • Required Reading: The Slight Edge
  • *Pre-Requisite: 21-Day Lifestyle Reset Program


Foundations for Empowered Transformation is the second course in the Lifestyle Design Online Course Series developed and designed by Tris Thorp that specifically focuses on the six major areas of life, which include health and wellbeing, relationships, family, career, personal development and spirituality.

The Foundations for Empowered Transformation series is a 6-week online course designed to help you move from where you are now to where it is that you want to be. Whether you are seeking personal and spiritual growth, happier relationships, more physical vitality, or cultivating more fun and leisure, this course offers you the support structures to establish the necessary foundational platform to design your lifestyle just the way you want it.

The scope of the Foundations for Empowered Transformation program is to bring awareness to your values, vision, goals, strengths and weaknesses, and how they can empower or disempower you. In addition, during our six weeks together I will cover what I believe are some of the most essential factors that contribute to your ability design your life just the way you want. Some of those things are:

  • Story-Telling and Meaning-Making: How it derails us
  • Understanding our Limiting Beliefs and Unconscious Choices
  • Reasons, Excuses and Time Management
  • Values Alignment and Setting Achievable Goals
  • Emotional Education and Forgiveness
  • Effective Communication and the Art of Listening
  • De-Cluttering our Internal and External Environment
  • Creating a Culture of Collaboration and Contribution
  • Dharma – Finding Your Purpose
  • Creating and Maintaining a Daily Sadhana

Weekly Discourse

Each Sunday morning at 10am Pacific, we will come together for a 1-hour discourse (via teleconference) to introduce the week’s theme and an overview of the area to be focused on.


Daily Accountability

Each day of the 6 weeks there will be a life category and assignments that participants will ponder, apply and reflect on. At the end of each day, participants will post their accountability for the week’s theme.


Why Daily Accountability?

Weekly discourse, visioning, values alignment and goal setting enable you to move create the lifestyle you want to be living. The purpose of daily accountability is for you to experience becoming more aware of your choices, in addition to keeping you on track and being the catalyst for the transformation you seek. Assignments and exercises give you an opportunity to practically apply the concepts you are learning.


Full Participation is Required

Participants are required to participate fully. Anyone who is not able to fully show up will be asked to take the program at a later time when they can make the program a priority.


Foundations for Empowered Transformation


Starts: January 9th (runs through Sun, February 20th)
Enrollment Deadline: January 2nd

21-Day Lifestyle Reset is a pre-requisite for
the Foundations for Empowered Transformation program

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