21-Day Lifestyle Reset Program

Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed, scattered, exhausted and depleted?

Do you have a desire to create more balance, flexibility, and overall well-being in your day-to-day life?

This program is designed just for you!

In this program you will learn how to establish and maintain a healthy, vibrant, inspiring, fulfilling life. You will learn tools and techniques that will plant the seeds for inspired living that, through the daily watering with your attention and your intention, will blossom into the amazing garden that you desire.

Can you imagine waking up one day and feeling amazing for no apparent reason? Would you like to gain tools that you can use for a lifetime to create a more peaceful, abundant, loving day-to-day life for yourself and your family? How great would it be to feel more mindful, more present, more energetic, creative and clear? That’s what this program will help you achieve!


  • 21-Day online course incorporating daily mindfulness practices to help you achieve balance, peace and clarity in all areas of life
  • Each week you will focus on – and add 3 new practices into your daily routine to help you build a solid foundation of health and well-being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Daily accountability recap to be posted in our very own private, secure Facebook group
    *NOTE: This is a safe, confidential and closed group page for only you and other members of the group
  • Daily coaching and support from Tris and other group members
  • Additional tools, tips and resources throughout the 21 days to support you on your path


Anytime you are wanting to achieve a goal or make changes in your life, you’re going to have to sacrifice something. Sometimes that sacrifice is time and energy, sometimes it’s financial resources and other times it’s giving up a certain lifestyle. Whatever the sacrifice is, it must be something you are 100% committed to giving up in order to create something new.

  • Course tuition $97
  • Your personal commitment to making time in your day to install new healthy, positive habits in your life
  • Your willingness to let go of your reasons, your excuses and your story
  • Your desire to rebuild a solid foundation and take back control of your life


The 21-Day Lifestyle Reset is the second course in the Lifestyle Design Online Course Series developed and designed by Tris Thorp that specifically focuses on incorporating simple mindfulness-based practices into your daily life. To help you create the lifestyle you truly want to be living on the regular, you must be making choices that lead you toward your vision.

The 21-Day Lifestyle Reset program is a lifestyle reset in the truest sense. It is not a cleanse, a diet, or a detox. It is a program designed to teach you how to be living a truly healthy life every day.

The 21-Day Lifestyle Reset program teaches you how to incorporate fundamental practices for living a healthy, inspiring, fulfilling and empowered lifestyle. It includes specific daily assignments to help you strengthen your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies:

  1. Nutrition
    You will be asked to take a look at what you are putting into your body on a daily basis and to create a meal plan to follow for the 21 day program that fuels your body with nutrition that supports an energetic, vibrant and clean lifestyle. If you already have a solid meal plan, that’s perfect – keep up the great work!*If you need support in creating a meal plan that will help you improve your overall nutrition, you have the option of selecting a program from Beachbody that will include a meal plan and workout routine that meets you where you’re currently at in your fitness level, and will help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. Tris will provide you with the information you need to get yourself set up (upon request).
    **Please note: there will be an additional cost for purchasing your new fitness program directly through Beachbody.
  2. Exercise
    You will be asked to incorporate some form of exercise or movement into your daily routine. You get to determine what that will be. If you already have a regular fitness routine that you’re happy with, that’s great – follow that!*If you need guidance in getting set up with an exercise program that will help you improve your overall physical health, you have the option of selecting a program from Beachbody that will also include a meal plan to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. Tris will provide you with the information you need to get yourself set up (upon request).
    **Please note: there will be an additional cost for purchasing your new fitness program directly through Beachbody.
  3. Meditation
    You will be taught how to meditate during this program using a breath-awareness, mantra-based technique designed to help you escape from the busy-ness of your daily life and settle into a space of stillness and silence. If you already have a meditation practice, you are welcome to continue on with your preferred style of meditation throughout the program.
  4. Gratitude
    Gratitude plays a huge roll in the overall quality of our daily life. Each day you will identify something – or someone – you are grateful for that day – and why it is that you feel gratitude for this person, experience or thing. This teaches us to redirect our attention toward focusing on the gifts we have been given.
  5. Making a Positive Impact on Others
    Each day you will make a concerted effort to have a positive impact on another person. This can be through random acts of kindness (holding a door open for someone, buying a coffee for the person in line behind you, offering a compliment or a smile) or through focused intention (sending a loving letter, email or text to someone, calling someone to tell them you love them, helping a team member with a project deadline, taking the neighbor’s trash can to the curb). Brightening someone else’s day always has a positive impact on us emotionally as well – so this is a WIN/WIN practice.
  6. Connection with Nature
    Each day you will be asked to connect with nature in some way. It may be putting your feet in the grass, walking along the beach, feeling the breeze on your face, making a snowball or observing a beautiful sunset from indoors. There are numerous benefits of connecting with nature – one of which is the feeling of peace, calm and serenity we achieve when we get out of our head and into our heart.
  7. Turning Challenges into Opportunities
    Every challenge can be turned into an opportunity by looking more closely at the lessons and wisdom buried in the experience. This practice is known as “re-framing” something that we think is negative and turning it into a positive. If we really observe the circumstances we can almost always find a silver lining.
  8. Daily reading + Your Favorite Quote
    At the beginning of the program you will select a personal development book of your choosing. Each day, you will spend some time reading – whether it’s 15 minutes or a chapter – and then you will post a quote from the book – something that stood out for you in that day’s reading.
  9. Recapitulation
    You will be taught the process and benefits of recapping your day in a quick 1-2 minute process. The purpose of this is to help you see how your day unfolded; what the best part of your day was and / or if you need to make any course corrections the next day.
  10. Insight
    This is where you will share whatever insight came through for you today – it may be an “Ah-Ha!” moment, an intention or a gentle reminder for yourself that stood out for you at the end of the day.

*Full Participation is Required
Participants are required to participate fully in each of the practices listed above. Anyone who is not able to fully show up will be asked to take the program at a later time when they can make the program a priority. If you follow this program as it has been designed and developed, you will achieve life-changing, transformational results physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



  • Tuition must be paid in full 3 days in advance
  • A full refund will be given if participant cancels outside of 48 hours prior to course start date
  • A partial refund will be given (full amount less $25 cancellation fee) if participant cancels within 48 hours of course start date
  • No refund will be given if participant no-shows or refuses to participate fully in the program

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Prep-Week Starts:Monday, January 1st, 2018
Program Starts: Monday, January 8th
(runs through Sunday, January 28th)

*ENROLLMENT DEADLINES (read carefully):

If you’re already registered with BeachBody, your deadline to register is:
Friday, December 29th, 2017

If you need to register with BeachBody, your deadline to register is:
Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

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Brilliant – Powerful – Life Changing! The 21-Day Lifestyle Reset program is one of the most affective programs I have ever participated in. The growth I experienced in all areas of my life has changed me forever. It was so much more then a “reset” for me…… it is a whole new beginning!! Thank you Tris Thorp for taking me on this journey. I am forever grateful!

Lori L.

I have just successfully completed Tris’s 21-Day Lifestyle Reset program. This has been life transforming on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Tris has been supportive personally in so many ways on a daily basis. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to reset their life path. You will not be disappointed!

Tamara H.

Tris is a dedicated and tenacious coach. I completed the 21-Day Lifestyle Reset program and she was with us every day. She is fully engaged and inspiring. Not only will you get the tools from the program, you will get an amazing virtual group that inspire each other. I feel great and plan to continue this mindful approach to health.

Patricia M.

I just finished Tris’s 21-Day Lifestyle Reset and I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their life, find more enjoyment, and become more awake and mindful. The daily 10 commitments we make and the feedback we receive from the group and coach, truly help make our lives better. Tris, is very insightful and her feedback on our assignments are very helpful.

Mahesh T.

I just finished Tris’s 21-Day Lifestyle Reset and I am very happy with the results of the program. I started out with the 5 day Clean Eating Challenge, then completed the 21 days with a total loss of 8 lb. and 3″ off my hips, thighs, waist and arms, all in a matter of weeks! I went from 143 lb. to 135 lb. while toning my body and reshaping my mind. I was guided and supported with professional expertise and found a FB community that I love dearly. Not only did I lose inches and pounds, I also lost some very bad habits while picking up healthy lifestyle patterns that I will use for the rest of my life. I highly recommend Tris’s 21-Day Lifestyle Reset!

Susan A.

I participated this past week in the 5 day clean eating challenge in preparation for the 21-Day Lifestyle Reset program! I joined late on day 3 and I lost 5 lbs! Tris is so wonderful at staying connected and providing information and recipes to keep me on track. She keeps it real with complete honesty in a graceful caring way. Grateful and honored for the opportunity and excited to embrace this as a lifestyle change and not a diet!

Melissa T.

I had the opportunity to work with Tris on the 21-Day Lifestyle Reset. As usual, Tris led us with grace and style through what can be a challenging area in life. She does a great job of being thorough and bringing us full circle through the program so I was never left wondering “what next”? I am really excited to be participating in her upcoming 21-Day Lifestyle Reset program again.

Priya B.


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