I met Tris Thorp at the Chopra Center and have been gifted by her through GENIUS training on Higher States of Consciousness. I LOVED your courses on Emotional Healing. Thanks and huge, huge gratitude dear Tris. You are a genius, wonderful teacher. I hope to follow all your trainings, all your courses. You are brilliant in teaching. Your knowledge is incredible.


Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart.


Samia Ouamrane

Before doing this seminar, my future was uncertain, baggage prevented me from going after what I truly want and I wasn’t congruent in my abilities/skill. After going through the MER® technique I was able to release anger related to prior experience, got rid of guilt associated with past decisions, kept learnings without baggage. I had gone through EMDR with a therapist and I did not feel any effects come out of that process. With the MER® from this seminar, it was instantaneous – even though I was initially skeptical. I am now a believer.

Farhan Q.

My life was just ok before the MER. The technique let me release unknown baggage that made me have limited beliefs in my mindset. I got in touch with reality of what held me back. Learning simple, effective techniques to let go felt real good. I feel more relaxed in my body. I really like the way MER® is simple and to the point, without rubbing your face in your problem to get a positive, powerful response and to get you to have a great outcome.

Mark A.

Before the MER® process, I was struggling to work out on a regular basis, and eat and drink in a healthy way. After going through the MER® I’ve had a shift away from unhealthy food. Removing my baggage was the most valuable thing I got from MER®.

Steffen H.

Having experienced MER® I was able to target that I needed to work on and embrace the process. I was able to understand what really needed to let go of in regards to my relationship. I learned how to get rid of my baggage. I think MER® is vital because it can help you to get rid of the strongholds in your life and to live your life to your fullest potential.

Lara F.

Prior to MER® my business had a lack of clarity and agreement. After MER® I know that there are amazing opportunities once baggage is released. I now have clarity of purpose and peace of mind going forward. It’s amazing to trust the unconscious mind and let it do what it wants to do, power and purpose.

Andrew M.

I spent a great deal of time engaging in controlling behaviors and berating myself on a daily basis for a variety of real, imagined and potential situations. Anger made me feel powerful and in control when I am actually least in control. I no longer wear my shoulders as earrings and I can give myself a break. I had so much baggage that I could no longer move forward. It was time to leave it behind. I also realized that I have been using my baggage as an excuse.

Dianne M.

Prior to MER® I struggled in my relationships, experienced conflict and uncertainty. After experiencing MER® I found that forgiveness is key and creating an empowered, loving relationship is totally possible. Conflict gone!! I now feel peaceful, positive and have clarity. I have great conversations with my husband. I have a feeling of peace and empowerment. MER® is a game changer. It creates a new filter to see self, others and life in a loving, gentle way. Thank you!

Mandi M.

While attending this seminar I wanted to focus on personal development. I was wrapped up too tight to actually access my emotions. I have used anti-depressants for about 25 years. After going through the MER® process I have found that this is worthy, and an ongoing process for me. I feel my eyes have been opened. This weekend was an opportunity to release and forgive myself. I realize psychology had been failing me and MER® has given me hope.

Jim O.

Before attending this seminar and experiencing the MER process my relationships were fear based and unfocused. After having gone through the MER process I feel that I can manifest a happy and successful relationship. I feel calmer, more aware of my patterns in the moment, feel empowered to take the steps to get closer to my goal. I was able to let go of anger and sadness. It wipes the slate clean and allows for a fresh start.


My life was chaos. I could not focus, I could not hear anything positive, even from my own head. After experiencing MER® I see that life is not impossible. That change can happen easily, even though it may seem impossible. MER® allowed me to experience a personal change in feelings. I have become ok with what has happened in the past. I am now ready to move forward!! I no longer feel like my black bags are pulling me down. Can always change no matter what the issue is. MER® is the most important tool you can carry in your toolbox! It helps you move so fast to get out of your own personal mud and get you on the foothold you need to move on. No matter what, you will truly understand what it means to be blessed and EMPOWERED!

Alexander H.

Prior to attending this seminar and using the MER® process, negative emotions were consistently gripping me! I felt fear, stuck, stagnant and a lack of execution. After going through MER®, I realized that 90% of my thinking and decision making was actually coming from baggage or limiting beliefs I had in my unconscious mind. I now feel a void from the charge I would get from negative emotions I had around my career. I now have the ability to understand my authentic self at a deeper level. MER® is without a doubt the most effective, powerful and best technique I have ever used for letting go of my old baggage! It is certainly the most important tool for letting go of the old baggage in your life.

Mason G.


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