The 21 Day Lifestyle Reset was an amazing experience for my not just with my overall health (which I desperately needed) but in connecting more with my family especially with my wife. The daily inspiration, guidance and feedback I received from Tris was extremely helpful and supportive. I gained way more from this experience than what I had originally imagined. Thank you Tris, not just from me but from my family who have a happier and healthier father and husband. I appreciate you so very much.

Ray Killips

When I read that the amazing Tris Thorp was doing the 21-Day Lifestyle Reset Program a month ago, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to be a part of it. I didn’t know what to expect from the program but desperately needed a change in my lifestyle lately. I was feeling always exhausted and not committed to my healthy habits anymore. Not only this program helped me get on a healthy path mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically but also held me accountable while being supportive every step of the way. Tris is an outstanding coach full of love and compassion, who leads by example and will make sure that you achieve your goal. Personally, I highly recommend not only this program but everything Tris does. During that period of time I got my healthy habits back, met some amazing people who shared this journey with me, felt empowered and achieved my goals. Thank you so much Tris for your commitment and support to all of us!

Edlira McCue

The 21-Day Lifestyle Reset was the perfect way to kick off 2018! I was able to put into place habits that will support a fantastic 2018. As a private practice therapist I spend lots of time supporting others, in this reset, Tris not only reminded me to take care of me, she taught me how best to do so. I’m so grateful that Tris is so willing and available to open her heart and share her wisdom, strength and hope. Thank you, Tris, for an amazing and nurturing experience!

Diane Moore

Amazing!!!! I have done the 21 days 3 times now and it has transformed my whole life in so many ways . For me it wasn’t just about the physical although I did lose weight It was more about creating a wellness routine and getting organised so I could have more time to do the things I love X The daily 10 is now my life and I’m so grateful for Tris and all of her support … Highly recommend!

Sharron Fitzpatrick

I just completed the online 21-Day Lifestyle Reset program that Tris offers for the second time! For the last 28 days, Tris has guided us in focusing on mindfulness-based lifestyle practices, including nutrition and exercise. Each time I have found this program to be an amazing and life-changing experience! The consistency of developing these habits over 21 days and the daily accountability, has integrated the mindfulness habits into my life. By experiencing success, the practices have become a part of my lifestyle. I have no doubt the momentum will continue. Not only did I shed 6 pounds so that my clothes fit much better, but I also shed some emotional baggage through the daily reflections on challenges, insights, and quotes from the book I chose to read. Reading the reflections of the others in the group also triggered insights for me. It proved to be energizing from the inside out. I feel much more energetic and confident as I move forward in all areas of my life! I’m very grateful for Tris’s compassionate but firm guidance in helping me to make the changes I desired!

Dian Shirley

Being part of the 21-Day Lifestyle Reset program was possibly the best decision I’ve ever made. In my 54 years, I always struggled with eating well (I either didn’t eat enough or would overeat). I have sat at a desk for more than 20 years. In the 21 days, by following the program and keeping the eating very simple, I not only feel stronger and have lost weight, but I’ve set a foundation in such a short time that I know I can continue and feel great about it. This program is SO much more than “health.” Tris incorporates many facets into this program, and developing those areas has enriched my life. Just letting go and remaining accountable to the parameters of this program and the absolutely fantastic and supportive group of people I met resulted in a jump-start that I expect to last. When we can’t get from place A to place B, having a coach has proved to be key to getting me to the next level. Thank-you, dearest Tris, for providing a spectacular program!!!

Susan Free

The 21 Day Reset program that Tris leads is a must for anybody looking to improve physical, mental and spiritual well being. I completed this course recently and I was amazed at the renewed energy and joy that kicked back in to my life. Tris is a coach and leader who’s wisdom and teachings will guide you to a healthy wellness place in your life. I am so thankful I took her course. You will too!!

Terry Maxhimer

I have been blessed with Tris’s presence in my life. She has supported me from the moment we met and our experiences together keep getting richer and richer. Her 21-day Lifestyle Reset Program is amazing! It’s set up in a way that surprised you at the end. I set my goals at the beginning as instructed. I didn’t quite meet those goals but I walked away with an awareness that surpasses any goal that I could have thought of on my own. The program taught me better ways of eating and leading a physically healthy lifestyle, but the greatest gift Tris provides with this program is a new level of consciousness that connects you with you highest most loving self. The self that doesn’t beat up on itself for not attaining a goal. Tris’s program is indeed one of the best choices I made in 2015 and I’ll be able to take the skills and practices into 2016 to create the best year of my life. Thanks Tris for being the shining beacon I needed to find my way to a healthier lifestyle defined by me.

Michele Madrigal

I am so grateful I made the choice to do the 21 Day Lifestyle Reset with Tris Thorp. It was such a transformative experience. What I found was that I changed in ways I didn’t even expect. Some changes were inspiring and energizing. Others were a bit harder and some were actually me learning things about myself I wasn’t aware of and were hard at first to accept. The daily journal helps you be mindful and purposeful in all areas of your life. And Tris is there every step of the way with insights, encouragement and to hold you accountable to your goals. If you are in need of a reboot and would like to experience real change in a short amount of time, I highly recommend this program with Tris. I also am excited to carry through the energy and routines into my daily life. Sending you all my gratitude Tris.

Lissa Sandler

I recently finished Tris Thorp’s 21 Day Lifestyle Reset. My acquaintance with Tris has always been a positive influence in my life. Her guidance and encouragement is sincere, thoughtful, and helpful. This program was a wonderful start towards some much needed help emotionally and physically. The program isn’t just for those who are already in good shape. She will step in to help where you are at. I definitely was in over my head but still made wonderful progress. I am continuing to live the lifestyle patterns I learned during the program for a healthier life as I age. I am forever grateful to Tris.

Sue Rekart

I just finished Trista’s “21 day lifestyle reset” and I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their lives , find more enjoyment and become more awake and mindful. The daily 10 commitments we make and the feedback we receive from the group and coach, truly help make our lives better. Trista, is very insightful and her feedback on our postings are very helpful.

Mahesh Trikannad

I jus finished the 21 Day Challenge with Tris. It was a unique experience and my life has been transformed in so many ways. Tris is such a caring, knowledgeable human being. I fully recommend!

Zulma Gelpi

There are no words to describe the support, love, guidance and hard work that Tris puts into her 21 Day Lifestyle Reset. My life will forever be changed because of one month she held me accountable for my choices, she taught me to really access myself, and shared tools that I will use for my lifetime to create a more peaceful, abundant, loving, day to day life for not only me, but my family and those I connect to each and everyday. I am so honored, humbled, and mostly loved and aware of these things; because of her and this 21 Day Lifestyle Reset program. Much love and deep gratitude.

Jaimeleigh Christian

Brilliant – Powerful – Life Changing! The 21 Day Reset Program is one of the most affective programs I have ever participated in. The growth I experienced in all areas of my life has changed me forever. It was so much more than a “reset” for me…… it is a whole new beginning!! Thank you Tris, for taking me on this journey. I am forever grateful!

Lori Lopes

What an inspiration! Such insight and gentle guiding. I joined Tris for a 7-Day Refresh and was surprised by how 7 short days could alter my life’s path. Thank you, Tris for the insight of your wisdom, your kind soul and your encouraging words. Do not wait to make the change later when you could enjoy the fruits of your new found path now. Walk with Tris, you will be glad you did. May others be blessed by your gifts.

Renee Chua

I just completed Tris Thorp’s 21 Day Lifestyle Reset and I cannot recommend it enough. Not only did the exercise and food plan work (almost 10″ lost!), the total body and mind reset was exactly what I needed to get back in track with all aspects of my life. Tris was there every step of the way, encouraging you and helping with anything you needed. I have come out of this 21-day program with the tools and mindset I need to continue to make lifestyle choices for the better. I cannot thank Tris enough for allowing me to be a part of the 21-day lifestyle reset!

Leanne Mattingly

I participated in Tris Thorp’s “21 Day Reset Program”. I signed up during a crazy, chaotic, and turbulent time for me. Major life transitions were taking place and I couldn’t have given myself a better gift! Though the program requirements proved challenging for me during that time- it was a perfect catalyst for my learning and growth! Tris’ outline for the program has provided a step by step for my every day dedications. After 21 days of training and accountability to the group, it was enough to notice where I needed to become stronger and more disciplined. It helped me to keep the momentum going even after the group had completed its 21 days together. Tris encouragement, inspiration, and support was beyond valuable! You will be so glad you did it!

Kat Young

Tris is incredible! The program she developed, along with her words of advice and encouragement have led me to lifestyle practices I want to continue. I don’t think one should ever stop trying to do and be the best they can. This is a program for all, no matter what your age. Thank you, Tris, for this gift. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your friendship.

Terry Martini Sousa

Tris is a dedicated and tenacious couch. I completed the 21-Day Lifestyle Reset challenge and she was with us every day. She is fully engaged and inspiring. Not only will you get the tools from the program, you will get an amazing virtual group that inspire each other. I feel great and plan to continue this mindful approach to health.

Patricia McElroy

I have just successfully completed Tris Thorp’s 21-Day Lifestyle Reset Program. This has been life transforming on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Tris has been supportive personally in so many ways on a daily basis. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to reset their life path. You will not be disappointed!

Tamara Holt


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