After working with Tris for six months, my life doesn’t look or feel the same as it did in 2014. When I look at who I really am and all my qualities that I am coming to own, I know that this is the guidance towards course correction and progress in my life that I have searched for during many years.

I am accomplishing goals that I have always known are important to me but that I could never “get around to”. I am a newspaper columnist and will have my first book published during 2015; I have just finished a complete de-cluttering and cleaning of every part of my house and property; I have recognized many deep-rooted and debilitating “stories” and replaced them with new and empowering beliefs; I am experiencing improved relationships, enhanced creativity, and a more joyful, meaningful life. Most important, with Tris’s guidance, I am developing tools and techniques to rescue myself from emotional self-sabotage and claim my birthright of joy and love by embracing my shadow and my light qualities.

I am more open, willing, and compassionate and less judgmental, fearful, and driven. These days I’m more likely to speak my truth, look at what’s right instead of what’s–you know…, enjoy some downtime in the course of a busy day, and place my attention on what I want to grow stronger.

Accepting coaching is a big commitment of time, emotion, energy, and money. But in the areas where it really matters to me, I have made more progress in six months than I had made in the past decade (or more!) of my life. Tris’s coaching has given me the guidance and inspiration to live in greater purpose, possibility, joy, and love.

Susanna Janssen

Published Author and Columnist

1.  What area of life did you receive coaching in? 


2.  What was your life like before coaching with Tris?

My husband and I were always arguing.  I was critical of him and we were both defensive and argumentative.  My daughter and I were critical and defensive with each other and getting in fights regularly.

3.  What were your biggest breakthroughs or insights during the course of coaching with Tris?

I learned how to do a pattern interrupt to stop myself from nit-picking and criticizing my husband.  I learned how to listen to my daughter, without interrupting her, and be more of a sounding board.

4.  What did you enjoy the most about coaching with Tris? 

Tris is extremely easy to talk to due to her friendly, relaxed attitude.  She is very insightful and reinforcing.  Tris is very organized and requires homework every week and diligence from those she works with.

5.  What specific results have you had since coaching with Tris?

My husband and I rarely argue but if we do, we discuss the situation, once we have calmed down, and use “The Four Questions” method Tris taught me.  We are nurturing our relationship by reinforcing each other and demonstrating our love for each other.  My daughter is not defensive or upset with me and our love for each other is getting stronger.

6.  What is the most valuable thing you got out of coaching?

I learned to be more flexible and accept others decisions without trying to take control.

7.  How would you describe, in your own words, what coaching with Tris is?

Coaching with Tris is a one on one committed relationship that helped me honestly look at myself.  Tris helped me let go of limiting beliefs I was holding onto, thereby allowing me to move forward.  I was then able to discover what I needed to do to make positive change in my life. 

8.  What would you say to someone who is on the fence about coaching with Tris?

Take a leap of faith and work with Tris if you are willing to invest in yourself and fully commit to doing the personal work that is required to make successful change in your life.

9.  What would be three words you would use to describe Tris as a coach?





Helane Weingarten



Dear Tris,

Helane mentioned to you that I wanted to write a review of my own on how I perceived the Breakthrough sessions & coaching you provided Helane. 

Helane has undergone a transformative change over the 6 months of therapy & beyond!  I like to think or at least hope,  I have as well. Our relationship has improved as has our communication. Our arguing, resentments & need to assign blame has diminished considerably.  We are far less critical & more patient and respectful of each other. We do regress from time to time but the frequency is far less than it was. 

We both found the book you assigned:

THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES FOR MAKING MARRIAGE WORK, an excellent work book by which to practice techniques, share philosophies & values, & focus on positive traits in one another. Helane was very focused & diligent & has been very patient with me and my resistance to change. She has been listening before reacting, lowering her tone of voice, & not passing judgment which we both agree are so important for our marriage. I am not only guilty of the above at times, but have slipped up & regressed far more than Helane. We need to get back to work! We let our Reunion, vacations, & some health issues really sidetrack us. We have a full list of all the things & places we want to do & see on our 1 special day each week set aside for bonding, adventure, entertainment & romance, but we barely got started. We also benefitted from the daily affirmations in which we listed things we admired in each other & something positive that happened during our day.

I thank you Tris for nurturing & leading the way on Helane’s pathway of discovery & recovery & at the same time motivating me to be more participatory, positive & appreciative of how lucky & fortunate we both are.  Helane is on the highway to happiness, we have begun to build a solid foundation for our marriage to succeed, & we are grateful for all your guidance & expertise.  


Eric Weingarten 


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