Rewrite your Story

This 10-week virtual immersion is based on my international bestseller Healing Your Heart; Rewrite Your Story with Awareness and Intention, and is focused on healing the unresolved pain from the past so that you are free to begin anew.

There are 3 things necessary for embarking on this inward journey: awareness, intention and conscious right action.


If you’re still carrying burdens and pain from the past, now is the time to gracefully enter your process of healing so that you can integrate the experiences and then get on with the greatness you’re meant to have in your life.


Attract the love relationship that’s your energetic match

Call in the dream job that’s aligned with your expertise

Restore your mental, emotional and physical health

Activate your purpose and step into being a guide for others on their path

What People Are Saying:

“Tris embodies the grace of the teachings. Her devotion and style combined with her enthusiasm to help others makes her a powerful partner in taking your life to the next level.”

– davidji, Hay House Author

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