1-1 Retreats

Heal, renew and find purpose at a Private Intensive Retreat 

1-1 Retreats

Heal, renew and find purpose at a Private Intensive Retreat

Heal, renew and find purpose at a Private Intensive Retreat

When you are ready to heal your past, connect with your purpose and live the life you were made for, you will know it. You will sense it from deep within your heart and soul.

I believe there are no coincidences – you are meant to be here, right now.

You can feel a stirring in your heart – a deep knowingness that calls to you from somewhere within. It’s a powerful whisper pulling you in and inviting you to remember why you’re here: to live the life you’re destined for – a life of meaning, joy and purpose. Every. Single. Day.


Take a moment to imagine what your best, boldest life would look like if you were open, aware, fully-healed, connected and expansive.

  • How do you look, sound and feel living into this deeply profound life you have created for yourself?
  • How will you be living on a daily basis?
  • What are the things you do every day to breathe life into this version of yourself?
  • What are the practices you have cultivated to be able to draw down and direct energy to achieve your highest goals?
  • Who are you sharing your life with? And where?
  • What are the things you have manifested that give you a solid sense of security, accomplishment and personal growth?
  • How are you measuring your contribution to humanity?

Every moment of your life is an opportunity to forge ahead and choose to step into your greatness, to live more openly and love more fully – or you may choose to resign yourself to a life of mediocrity, leaving you with a level of regret when you look back on the opportunities and offers you chose to decline.

ReflectFor a Moment..

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of life and end up neglecting your deepest personal needs and desires?
Are you willing to listen to the calling of your own heart?
Are you ready to live your soul’s destiny?
Do you sense that there is a bigger reason you are here on this planet, that you have a meaningful contribution to make?
Are you ready to heal the past so you can open yourself to love once again?
Are you willing to live a life that is a bold adventure?

Together, we work to connect you back to your true source, with who you are and what matters to you at the deepest level of your soul.

It isn’t simply about getting more money or material possessions in your life (although those things will manifest more easily)…

It’s about discovering that YOU are the one you have been waiting for. You have within you everything you need.

I teach you how to tap into your own internal guidance system and the well of abundance, freedom, joy, peace and love that resides within you.

You will return home rejuvenated and motivated with a clear vision of yourself and your path forward, armed with the tools and practices you need to experience profound fulfilment as you live your best life with purpose, clarity and empowerment.

Get Ready For Transformation

This retreat is unlike anything else you’ll experience …

By its nature, the retreat is the very definition of intense: extracted from your everyday routine and dropped into an immersive healing environment, you’ll experience rapid insight, transformation and internal shifts. The 1-1 retreat combines all the best elements of a meditation retreat, deep intensive therapy, sacred psychology, connection with nature and spirit and more, tailored specifically to you. In a spectacular, private and very nurturing setting, staying in beautiful lodgings that were custom-built for this specific purpose, you’ll feel nourished, supported and safe every step of the way through each powerful breakthrough.

What you will find here – IS YOU.
The Real YOU.

and, why YOU’RE HERE.

Whether you have no experience with retreats or deep, immersive mindfulness-based practices, or you’ve tried just about every darn thing you can find, you will come away from the experience a renewed person.

This private intensive retreat is ideal for those seeking meaning and fulfillment, or who feel lost, adrift and unsure where to turn.

It’s also for those who have achieved a level of success and who are wanting to up-level through deeper connection to Self. My private intensive retreat clientele consists of a variety of everyday people (because we’re all everyday people), including global influencers, celebrities, professional athletes, high level executives, homemakers, lawyers, military personnel, prominent artists and everyone in between.

It’s not important what you do for work, your social status, or how experienced you are with matters of the soul.

What matters is how you’re feeling in your heart and soul …

and whether you’re ready to shed the old version of you in favor of becoming who you’re meant to be. Today.

An important process has already begun

That’s why you’re here right now (remember what I said about coincidences?). There are no coincidences. Only synchronicities, which is the Universe (or God or Spirit) working its magic to awaken and draw you closer to yourSelf. You’re tired of living a life that feels like a shadow of what you wanted it to be. It’s time to heal the past, let go of what’s holding you back and shift into a life that makes your soul shine, as you open up to your own innate wisdom and intelligence.

Imagine It Now. . .

Living your purpose, giving your gifts to the world with truth, integrity and grace and feeling totally abundant.
Experiencing openness and connection in all your relationships, enhancing and strengthening bonds with those who matter most.
Being in the flow, where your goals and intentions manifest with clarity and ease.
Feeling totally clear, congruent and able to navigate the waves of chaos and change that life brings.
Having more control over your mental and emotional states so you’re able to lead, inspire and impact those around you from the highest vibration.


You’ve probably reached a point where the idea of continuing on as you currently are feels dreadful.

You feel called to finally face what’s been holding you back and liberate yourself from the life you know, so you can leap into a new realm of possibilities – a life without limits.

I invite you to join me on this highly transformative

As Michael Brown writes, “the only way out is through, and the only way through is in.”

There is a call coming from deep within your own heart.

Are you going to answer that call?


There is an interview process to ensure that the Private Intensive Retreat process is the right path for you. Costs are determined by the amount of time that we spend together and will be discussed in our initial conversation. Emails about costs, dates or other questions will not be answered until you have been interviewed and deemed a good fit for this intensive – and we have established the ideal program components for what you are wanting to accomplish. I look forward to connecting and supporting you on your path to peace, love and wholeness.

What To Expect

The private intensive requires a high level of commitment to change habitual patterning.

You must be willing to look at your life in a different way and to adopt new views and new practices. You will be asked to push yourself spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

This requires strong focus and the ability to view a challenge from a new perspective. The use of hypnotherapy, Mental and Emotional Release®, dream interpretation, movement, meditation, energy and breath work will challenge you on every level to let go of the self you have come so accustomed to, and step into the highest and truest expression of yourself.

This Private Intensive Retreat culminates in a ceremony and celebration which allows you to safely say goodbye to that which no longer supports you and welcome in the new.

The Private Intensive Retreat is just that: intense.

This program is not designed as a vacation or a chance to get away.

You must be physically fit, emotionally grounded, mentally stable and spiritually awake to the extent you are aware that there’s more to this life than meets the eye.

What you will learn here are tools, techniques and teachings that have been used for thousands of years.

Techniques that empower you to be your own healer. You will detoxify through the high altitude, the land, the quiet nature, the teachings, your process, and the pace.

It is highly advised that you come at least one day early to acclimate to the high elevation (6,200′).  And, we suggest staying for 1-2 days after the Retreat to quietly process and absorb all that you have experienced, so give yourself one week off minimum.

Length: Customized 5, 7 days or up to 10 days (more days can be added for integration and rest and relaxation upon availability)

Location: 2.5 hours south of Bozeman, Montana on a wild cattle and equine ranch under the Big Sky


Included in Your Retreat

  • Accommodations include staying in the tranquil Brundage cabin with your own private patio and firepit, nestled along the river 
  • A front row seat to the Milky Way at 6,200 ft altitude under Montana’s Big Sky
  • Organic and locally sourced meals provided by a personal chef
  • Daily experiential activities and programming including movement, meditation, journaling and energy work
  • Mental and Emotional Release® tools and processes to heal your emotions, release limiting beliefs and replace these with powerful new thoughts and behaviors
  • Discover your values – what matters to you, what makes you tick, and how to translate your values into everything you think and do, to manifest your goals


  • Breakthrough Shadow Work – understand the shadow side of your psyche and learn how to embrace it
  • Conscious Communication, Forgiveness, and Boundary Setting practices to reframe your relationships and your experiences
  • Pranayama breath work exercises
  • Hypnotherapy, energy work and guided visualizations
  • Equine Therapy – participate in interactive empathy exercises with the horses (optional)
  • Connecting with nature under Montana’s Big Sky

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