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Living the purposeful life you want takes courage, determination, and the guidance of a successful Coach who knows how to get you there.

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Change takes courage, perseverance, and someone to guide you on the path. The good news? I’m here to help you create a life of joy, abundance, balance and fulfilment.

If you lived your highest purpose, how would your life look?

My Integrative Breakthrough Coaching combined with your tenacity will get you there.
That, i can promise.

If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that living a truly meaningful, joyful, purpose-based life is absolutely possible, regardless of your past or where you’re at now. How? Because I’m living proof of doing just that.

Our work entails my unique, three-part process that supports you in clearing out the past
and consciously creating your boldest vision for the life you want.

Key signs you’re ready for Coaching with Tris

You want things to be different but aren’t able to make it happen

You feel stuck, complacent, or lack meaning in your life

You put everyone else first, leaving you feeling exhausted and resentful

You listen to what others think you should do, not what your heart wants

You’re successful at work but struggle to find balance in health or romance

You feel out of control, or trying your hardest without any results

know how you feel

I’ve experienced first-hand the pain of being stuck in unhealthy beliefs and habits.

It’s easy to get trapped in the recurring cycle of bad habits and over-busy lives – literally running in circles, getting nowhere. You desperately want things to be different, and you have no idea how to make that happen.

You’re being called to make a profound shift. are you ready to heed your call?

These disruptive patterns and behaviors stem from limiting beliefs and unresolved negative emotions from your past. When you can’t find your way out, you’re left feeling stuck and powerless. I know it because I’ve been there. Several times. And, I’m here to tell you, from my own experience, that you can create and live the very life you dream of. You have the resources within you and you are totally capable of making all the necessary shifts, decisions and actions you need to take to get there.

I know this because our obstacles are exactly what we need to overcome in order to fulfill our life’s greatest purpose.

and, we do this together.

Let me share the Truth with you

This is not an easy path you are choosing. Having the awareness that something needs to change – that YOU need to change – is the first step. And, having that awareness doesn’t make it easy. You will meet with challenges, you will uncover more baggage to release, you will need to form new habits; new ways of thinking, being and doing. This will be the grittiest work you will ever do. Period.

And, you have everything you need within you. All you need is a knowledgeable guide – someone who’s walked the path done the work. Someone who has deep personal experience, and who has guided thousands of others how to tap into the intuitive wisdom and power you have within. You must choose your guide wisely.

If it’s all inside me, why don’t I already have the life I want?

Simple answer: you’ve got baggage. It’s okay, everyone does. And, you may not have a successful strategy for getting the results you truly want. Many of us get stuck in situations that don’t serve us. We’ve been taught to seek distraction in external stimuli like food, shopping, sex, our phones, and other patterns that we know on some level are unhealthy. Or we become anchored into an overly-busy routine that leaves no space for knowing who we are, what we truly want, and how to gauge our success.  

How do I tap into my insight and strategies for calling in the life I desire?

Listen, you could spend years trying to adjust beliefs, patterns and behaviors by yourself. My guess is you’ve already tried. Several times. There is a formula for doing this in a way that will create lasting change. This is where my extensive training comes in. I will help you clearly see where your existing ways of doing things is short-circuiting and help you see what action will the bring you the results you need to start living your best life. And, the best part is that you’ll experience immediate results, which builds your self-confidence and trust in the process.

Now, imagine letting go of what doesn’t serve you and embodying what does…

Together, I help you set bold goals that you can’t achieve until you become the person who can. Together, we determine a course of action for you follow to be who you’re meant to be. We both know you’re ready to start living with purpose, vision and confidence – and I’m going to help you get there.

Why is Integrative Breakthrough  Coaching so Powerful?

My unique Integrative Breakthrough Coaching helps you open up to your own innate wisdom and intelligence. It’s not about some quick, temporary fix – I engage proven, practical, sustainable strategies so you can start living a life you love. 

Learn to tap into your own internal guidance system through profound insight and healing.

Integrative Breakthrough Coaching offers a heart-centered, compassionate approach to understanding how your experiences have shaped who you are today, combined with strategic, actionable steps to for personal and professional empowerment.

Nothing prepares you for the work, like doing the actual work.

You are in charge of your own success. I can give you the tools and the guidance, and the journey itself is yours to take. Throughout the process I’m right here for you, as your trusted and experienced personal guide. Because while you have to do the work yourself, I’m here to support you at every step on the path. I’ve got you.

check out Some of the BENEFITS you’ll experience from coaching with me. 

Cultivate greater levels of awareness, focus
and personal empowerment

Discover your core values and how to utilize
them to enhance better choice-making

Experience joy and peace of mind in the present by
healing from your past emotional pain 

Enjoy fulfilling relationships by setting and enforcing healthy boundaries through conscious communication

Learn to stay true to you and your goals

Identify and live in alignment with your life’s purpose

Release all that no longer serves you; negative emotions,
limiting beliefs, anxiety and even phobias and PTSD

Find emotional freedom through self-forgiveness
and forgiveness of others

Get ready to be your Best Self

Get ready to be your Best Self

working with me as your coach is a game-changing experience. Here are a few things you’ll achieve:

  • Start making empowered decisions throughout your life through your core values
  • Release what no longer serves you energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically
  • Heal past wounding and emotional pain to free up your energy to create an intentional and fulfilling future
  • Supercharge your self-confidence in your own intrinsic ability to navigate everyday life experiences
  • Manifest truly fulfilling relationships by knowing you who are, what’s most important, and setting and enforcing healthy boundaries
  • Break free and release baggage that is connected to other people by learning how to forgive yourself and others
  • Get clear on your core values and how to align your goals and everyday choices to maximize your end results
  • Face life’s challenges coming from a calm, centered and balanced space
  • Set your boldest goals and build toward them with courage, excitement and motivation
  • Discover key pillars to support, nurture and strengthen your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies
  • Experience vibrant energy and an empowered, positive, clear and focused mindset every single day

How Integrative Breakthrough Coaching Works 

Integrative Breakthrough Coaching is my unique three-step process that engages all aspects of who you are. With my guidance and support, you’re about to break through to a whole new way of living life.

A consistent part of the process is helping you shift into a new and empowering mindset, learning how to work with your emotions in a healthy and balanced way, take action every day that aligns with your core values.

You will also learn to use powerful and personalized mindfulness-based lifestyle practices to keep you grounded and focused, to keep you motivated every day as you build toward your boldest goals and wildest dreams.

Step 1 - Your Clarity Call

(60 Minutes)

First up we get clear on your biggest challenges right now and how you want to be living instead. This is your opportunity to put it all on the table and get clear on what the real issues are and how your life will be different once you dig into the work. And, then we determine that I am the right coach for you – and vice versa.

By the time we hang up, you’ll be super clear on how Integrative Breakthrough Coaching is the best investment you can make in your life right now.

After your Clarity Call, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and be ready to get started immediately.

Step 2 - Your Breakthrough Session

(Approx 9 hours – over 3 days)

This intimate and intense session shines light on the deep, unconscious issues that are holding you back. We start by digging up the deeper issue that is currently creating problems in all areas of your life.

Using Mental and Emotional Release® techniques, we replace limiting beliefs and negative emotions with empowering thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that allow you to become super-charged in the areas of life you want to change.

This deep and effective session lasts around 9 hours and sets your framework for effective, powerful ongoing transformation.

Be prepared to feel energized, inspired and ready to begin a new chapter after we release a lifetime of baggage in this life-changing session.

Step 3 - Integrative Breakthrough Coaching 12-Month Program

(1 60-minute call per week)

Having worked with 100s of clients, I know that changing deeply rooted patterns takes time. Though many experience major shifts fast, progress can often be derailed due to re-emerging patterns or unexpected life events. 12 months of coaching provides maximum long-lasting results.

I guide you through a purposeful, proven process for breakthrough results. 

After aligning your values and getting clear on who you’re wanting to become, we create a viable action plan to get you moving toward your desired outcome.

Results are measured monthly to ensure you remain focused and motivated. You’ll gain the tools you need, along with me jogging alongside you every step of the way, while addressing challenges with confidence and awareness.

I promise, if you invest in yourself and take the necessary action to push forward, you can truly live the life you dream of – on your own terms.

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