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I’ve known Tris for a long time and I’m entrusting her with my legacy of carrying on in the field of emotional healing and well-being. She is so dedicated to enhancing peace and harmony and laughter and love. Tris basically cares about one thing and that is serving humanity and awakening wholeness. I am confident that she understands the deep challenges that people with emotional distress experience, and I trust that she will guide them safely back to wholeness.

Dr. David Simon

Co-Founder , Chopra Center for Wellbeing

Healing Your Heart is a must read if you are ready and willing to do the work required to gain an intimate look at how emotions shape your personal experience, so you can heal your past and live your best life.
Deepak Chopra

Founder of The Chopra Foundation

Tris’s ability to create awareness and an authentic practice in the emotional integration work is transformative; crossing aspects of lifestyle, leadership and longevity. It is the area in life and business where so many get stuck. The practical application will be refreshing to many, creating the tools for highest well being.
Susan Leger Ferraro

Chief Inspirational Officer and Humanitarian

Tris embodies the grace of the teachings. Her devotion and style combined with her enthusiasm to help others makes her a powerful partner in taking your life to the next level.


Public Speaker, Radio host & Best-selling author of Secrets of Meditation

Tris enlivens the spirit, enriches the soul, and enlightens the mind. She brings her heartfelt wisdom to others through gentle guidance and her innate knowledge of emotional integration work and advanced meditation. She knows just how to help you choose a personal path of self-discovery and create success. Tris has a unique blend of talent, creativity and business expertise that encompasses her values as a mind-body educator, lifestyle coach, and inspired world leader. The dedication of her teachings has made a major impact in the lives of others, as well as the betterment of our community and our planet.
Susan Adams


Tris is an influential and inspiring facilitator in the field of personal growth and spirituality. Her in-depth knowledge and experience in the realm of emotional healing and personal development work enable her to lovingly guide students on their journey to personal empowerment and freedom.
Danielle Mika Nagel


One of the most passionate, heartfelt, and inspiring keynotes I’ve ever heard. Tris speaks candidly about her journey from childhood abuse, neglect and abandonment to becoming one of the most highly respected, powerhouse leaders in the field of personal growth. Rarely has there been someone who connects with an audience at the level of the heart and soul in the way she does. If that’s not enough, Tris also shares relevant, practical, real-world techniques for her audience to use in their own lives.

Aric Mussman

Audience Participant

Since working with Tris I have been able to move past the major blocks around launching my coaching practice so that I can step powerfully into my purpose. I’ve been able to easily recognize some old patterns in my intimate relationships that I needed to release so that I could move into the future I see for myself and my boys, as a single mom. Life can be scary and messy, and with Tris’s help in uncovering the answers that already lie within you, you can truly live life on YOUR terms. Investing in yourself will only provide the greatest return. Give yourself the gift of a life lived freely.

Michele Madrigal

Coaching Client

Committing to work with a coach known for her extraordinary talent is an investment of time, commitment and money; and I quickly understood that I was absolutely worth it. I worked with Tris one-on-one for a year, focusing on physical health and then personal development. At the end of this time with Tris I was hired into my dream job and have worked in that setting for the last two years with tremendous success.
Diane Moore

Coaching Client

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