Hey there, I’m Tris!

I’m glad you’re here, because it means you’re ready to show up to your best life. Just like I showed up to mine.

Hey There, 
I’m Tris

I’m glad you’re here, because it means you’re ready to show up to your best life. Just like I showed up to mine.

It’s how we respond to life’s challenges that Defines Us

It’s in our greatest challenges that we’re called upon to do our deepest work;
to heal the past, empower the now and rise to meet the future we’re destined for.

Are you Ready to Riseto the occasion?

Let me start from the Beginning. . .

Truth be told, my own path has not been without trials and tribulations. My life has been laden with abandonment, abuse, neglect, bullying and betrayal. I struggled with rejection, ways to fit in, limiting beliefs about my self-worth and, how to navigate life circumstances that seemed futile at best.
From the time I was a toddler, I learned to take care of myself and meet my own needs mentally, emotionally and physically. Being a child of teenage parents and having been given away repeatedly beginning around the age of 5, I learned early on that I needed to figure out how to survive on my own. I fumbled my way through revolving homes with different people looking after me, a little girl who was scared, lost, alone and confused.
My elementary years were spent trying to fit in. I was continuously rejected and bullied for being different, ridiculed for the clothes I wore, and teased because I didn’t have any friends. And, that’s when the sexual abuse began.

Eventually, I learned to put on a strong front, to hide my inadequacies, and bury my emotions deep inside. I shut down.

I made an unconscious commitment to tap into my inner strength and do everything on my own so that no one could ever hurt or leave me again. As long as I stayed strong, as long as I remained alone, I couldn’t be abused, betrayed, judged for being a bitch, or labeled as a being a victim. Or so I thought.
As a young adult I projected all of my unresolved emotions and past experiences onto everyone I encountered. The world was unsafe and the people in it could not be trusted – especially those who were closest to me.I told my tragic story to anyone who would listen. I carried all of me into every conversation and into every life circumstance. I left people before they could leave me.

Ultimately, I created a life of isolation.

Before it gets Easier. . .

As I started to build a spiritual practice and heal my past, I assumed life would begin to get easier. And it did. But first, it got hard. Really hard. Digging deep into the emotional work brought up all the feelings and memories of abandonment, abuse and rejection from my childhood. Life, for a time, felt even more tumultuous as I wrestled with the aspects of myself I hated and had tried desperately to avoid for so long.

I knew on some level that denial and self-sabotage were only forms of self-harm,
and the patterns ran deep. To climb out, I had to be willing to call in the healing power of forgiveness, grace and acceptance – of myself and my past.

I had nothing left to lose at this point, so I went deep and began to slowly chip away at the walls I’d built around myself. Soon, I discovered that the softer I became as I felt into the work, the more liberated I was. The obstacles on my path became openings to clarity, self-love and a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose.

The courage to Level Up. . .

Confronting my past, releasing all the negative emotions I was clinging to, and working through healing and forgiveness was some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. It left me truly transformed.

I had life-changing encounters with people who went on to become treasured mentors: Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon and Debbie Ford.

Each of these teachers taught me valuable lessons about navigating life as a spiritual being having a human experience. I learned the importance of doing the deeper healing work, combined with mindfulness-based lifestyle practices. Debbie helped me see that the things I had hated about myself, my ‘negative traits’, were actually my greatest strengths. I just needed to harness the energy differently. As I embraced these qualities, a new light from within began to shine through, and that light continues to shine brighter with every obstacle I overcome.

And in case you’re wondering? No, My life is not perfect. It is, However, perfect for what i’m here to learn, and who i am destined to become in the process.

Whatever it might look like from the outside, I still have tough days just like everyone else. The difference now is that I welcome challenges as opportunities to always be rising – and to live with truth, integrity and grace. Life invites me every day – in every way – to love myself more fully, and step into a deeper manifestation of my life’s purpose.

Are you ready to heed your call to live with greater purpose, joy and fulfillment?

My Passion is helping people like you.

Through my work as a speaker, coach and author, I’ve guided thousands of people around the world, and I’m committed to supporting you on your path to creating and living the life you truly want. The life you dream of. That life you came here to live and the one you deserve to have. Because you and I both know you were made for more.

Living an empowered, purposeful life means first healing your past, getting clear on who you are, what you value most and aligning yourself with your purpose and passion. Every. Single. Day.

Every day I get to help my students, coaching clients and audiences to develop more clarity, harmony and abundance in their lives. Whether it’s through my bestselling books, workshops & retreats, speaking engagements, or 1-1 Integrative Breakthrough Coaching program, I strive to embody my values and share the wisdom and insight I’ve learned from my own experiences and, of course, the teachings themselves.

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