Always be Rising

Empowering Humanity to Lead with Truth, Integrity and Grace

May 4 – June 22, 2021

8 -Week Online Personal Empowerment Retreat

Our emotions are the #1 thing that derail our best-laid plans. Emotions can come out of leftfield, totally undermining our rational goals and values. Sound familiar? Of course – we’ve all experienced this. And it can feel us leaving out of control and frustrated.

So how do you navigate your mindset, emotions and choices when things don’t go your way?

In this 8-week online workshop with Tris, you will learn tangible tools and step-by-step practices for understanding and mastering your mindset and emotions when life throws its curveballs.

Get clear on who you are based on your core values: what makes you tick, why you’re programmed this way, and how to consciously communicate your needs and your boundaries from the heart, with love.

Discover how to have difficult conversations in a way that creates space for compassion, understanding and growth. And learn how to set and enforce your boundaries without hurting others, feeling rejected by those you love or losing your job.

Get ready to take quantum leaps toward feeling in control, aware and empowered in your life.

through specific practices you’ll learn

  • how to manage your mindset and emotions in difficult times and situations
  • a process for discovering your values around your career, relationships and health
  • a step-by-step method for practicing conscious communication to create a win-win for yourself and others
  • how to action the 3 stages for setting and enforcing healthy boundaries
  • tools and step-by-step practices you can use at home and in the workplace
  • You’ll also meet and connect with like-minded people on the journey to living their best, most empowered and purpose-based life. Many life-long friendships are forged at the Always Be Rising workshop!

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