I’m so Excited!

The time has finally come to present the publishing release of my new Journal Workbook, Healing Your Heart.

I’m so Excited!

The time has finally come to present the publishing release of my new Journal Workbook, Healing Your Heart.

HealingYour Heart

Do you feel stuck in the pain of the past?

Do you find yourself repeating patterns that only lead to more pain?

If you could learn how to process the emotions that fester and poison your current relationships and your experiences, would you be willing and open to do the work?

“When you don’t know how to handle your feelings and what’s going on in your life, your emotions can sabotage your best efforts, destroy your relationships and drive you to make poor choices that ultimately lead to more pain and confusion”

The Workbook,

The exercises within the journal workbook are provided as a companion to the book Healing Your Heart: Rewrite Your Story with Awareness and Intention and can help you break free of negative emotions from the past that consume your daily life now, emotions such as anger and resentment, sadness and hurt, fear and anxiety, guilt and shame.

These exercises will also help you let go of the negative or limiting beliefs you hold as being true about yourself, other people, or the world you live in.

The past doesn’t have to determine your present— You can choose to heal your heart

Meet the Author,

Tris Thorp has been sharing the gifts of emotional healing, meditation and mindfulness-based lifestyle practices for over two decades, transforming the lives of thousands of people around the world. Her unique approach reflects her personal experience combined with extensive studies she’s completed with some of the world’s leading teachers in the fields of emotional integration, meditation and wellness including Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, and Debbie Ford.

OneMore thing

Once you download and complete the Journal Workbook exercises, I would love for you to leave a review on my Amazon sales page and share what you loved about it!

Lissa - 5 Star Review

I am transformed for the better by this book and want to share it with everyone I care about and love. “Healing the Heart” is a step by step guide to breaking through limiting beliefs that are formed from past hurts, disappointments, and trauma. Tris is so open and honest about her own journey and how the exact methods she teaches in the book have transformed her life, that it inspired me to feel like I could also have hope and healing by committing to doing the work as mapped out in the book. Understanding your emotions is such an important part of any success or happiness you create in this lifetime. And Healing Your Heart is a deep dive into finally healing your past with easy to follow exercises and techniques. This is not a book you passively read, it is about finally putting yourself in charge of making positive change for your own life

Minne - 5 Star Review

I loved it! Great and to the point. You can only make changes in your life if you take care of yourself first. Get help and get healed! Amazing!!!

Alma - 5 Star Review

I truly love how this book is written!!!! I have spent a life keeping my emotions suppressed. This book helped me process and think about my emotions like I have never done before. Like I have never wanted before. Learning about my emotions and being guided on how to connect with them through the tools she shares allowed me to get to a place of vulnerability, acceptance, and transformation.

Thank you for your gift of this book and sharing your life with us. Sending so much love from my heart !!!!

Greg - 5 Star Review

Such a great book to read and study. The work you do for yourself is amazing. The things you’re able to let go and shed will changes your life immediately. This is one to re read and like I said, study. Not just check the box that you read it.

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