Healing Your Heart Mini-Course

Part 1:
Laying the Foundation


Part 2:
How to Release What No Longer Serves You


Part 3:
Conscious Communication and Setting Healthy Boundaries


Here you will find additional encouragement, clarity, awareness, strength and tips to help you tend to your healing process. I put this mini course together to help support you around some common roadblocks that we all experience when doing this very personal work. It is designed to set yourself up for success, so you can really dig deep and go the distance. I encourage you to spend some time with these videos and revisit them as much as you may need. They are here to help you, guide you and support you as you embark on your journey to healing your heart.

For further support and guidance, please come and join our private Healing Your Heart Facebook Group

I am deeply involved with this group and will be there regularly to answer questions and post videos, tools and tips, to help support you along the way. This group is so powerful, especially for those who are currently moving through the process in this book.


I personally want to commend you on choosing to take this very personal journey. I’m so glad that you’re here, right now, at this very moment. That you’ve decided to take this time to invest yourself; to move through the process of healing with mindfulness and intention, and to let go of the pain, uncertainty and all the things that you have been holding onto that no longer serve you. And most importantly, that you have chosen to be vulnerable enough to embrace this process with your whole heart and soul.


This is truly one of the most precious gifts that you could give yourself and I’m proud of you for showing up and being here.


This is your time. Your journey. Your story.

Tris Thorp

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