Everything you once thought to be true and real and safe…
is Different now

Everything you once thought to be true and real and safe…
is different now

All this time, you “thought” you’d been living your best life and now it’s clear that you’ve been avoiding the call to fully actualize–and live into–your life’s purpose. 

In many ways, your life seems “fine on the outside”, and yet, you yearn to know, experience and activate yourself more deeply–spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

It’s possible things have gone awry and you’ve been churning through a long and tumultuous healing. There’s no question that we’re living in confusing, uncertain and heavy times, which can feel like our own version of “the dark ages”. It’s like nothing we’ve ever experienced before.

Wherever you’re at in your life right now, one thing is certain: change is upon you. It’s upon all of us. You know this already and yet, you’ve been stalling; waiting to take any measurable action. You believed there would still be plenty of time… after the children were grown, after you achieved a certain level of success, when your health improved, after things calmed down a bit. 

Even though you heard the whispers and sensed that you were being called, things were still “safe” in the reality you had chosen to play out. You knew and could feel that change was necessary – that it was coming – yet, it still felt far away, like a distant bell ringing somewhere deep in the early morning mist.

Now… first light of the new dawn has arrived.

Gripped by fear and insecurity you’re clinging to the old as if your life depends on it. Seeking some sense of safety and belonging, you’re likely moving through life on auto-pilot and looking for comfort in all the wrong places.


Let’s be honest. You and I both know too much time is spent scrolling on social media when you could be moving your hopes and dreams forward. You’re online shopping to fill an inescapable void. You’re pouring another glass of wine and waking up the next day feeling discouraged and frustrated that today is a repeat of yesterday.


There’s a complacency you feel weighed down by, which perpetuates feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration and disappointment. You’re frustrated that you’re not doing things differently; you’re not taking conscious right action toward the things that are truly aligned with your sense of purpose and wellbeing.


The overthinking, overworking and over-indulging has left deep grooves within your psyche that keep you looping inside the matrix, unable to find your way out – and you’re terrified. You’re tired, you feel lethargic, and you’re unsure of yourself and your future.


The truth is … everything has changed in recent times. You are different. Your relationships are different. The way you work is different. How your children are being raised is different. How you view your life is different.


Behind the scenes, your core values have shifted. Everything you once thought would bring you happiness has changed. And this can feel like an existential crisis.


You’re questioning who you are, why you are here, and what you are meant to be doing with your life. You want to feel more expansive, more at peace, more inspired, fulfilled and on purpose.


You want to live a life of meaning; a life filled with happiness, joy and fulfillment. A life full of love and peace and prosperity and connection. A life where you fulfill your contract with God.

And yet, you’re still trying to reach back into the past to fix what is your current reality.

At this point, some changes have likely been made for you. Even though you knew things were broken, you knew you needed to evolve, you still believed you had more time. The Universe, and God’s plan, knew otherwise. 

While you could never have imagined that things would unfold as they have, here you are. So now, the question is… Who will you choose to become as a result of what has happened? 

First, it’s time to honestly address your old conditioned patterns of denial, avoidance and pretending. You’ve mastered hiding your insecurities and vulnerability behind personas of stoicism and projections of false confidence. It’s time for the masks to come off.

Enough with the avoidance and the distractions. It’s time to stop people-pleasing, playing the victim and hiding behind your true purpose for being here. Now is the time to channel your energy into who you are truly meant to become. 

You have lots of unfulfilled dreams and goals. They keep you up at night. Behind you helping others achieve their hopes and dreams, you are not advocating for yourself. You’re not implementing or taking aligned action. This leaves you feeling immensely frustrated and, on a Soul level, disappointed in yourself.

There’s never going to be a convenient time.
Nor will you ever feel truly ready.
The time is NOW.

If you’re still reading, you’re likely at this point on the page – and in your life – thinking “Holy shit!”  You’re in the right place.

There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is Divinely orchestrated by the Powers That Be. If you are here, reading these words now, you have been guided to this critical choice point. Right now.


I’ll be honest with you, this path is not for the faint of heart. And, it certainly may not feel like your cup of tea. It will feel uncomfortable, it will push you against your upper limits and require you to make sacrifices that will look, sound and feel very scary.


You will be challenged spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically. There will be tests and you will be triggered along the way. There is no pass or fail when it comes to your tests, only feedback and lessons to be learned.


Some lessons will be exalting and others humbling. How you navigate your experiences will determine your results. Either way, you are fulfilling the promise you made when you came here, which was to grow, evolve and expand into the best and highest version of yourself.


This is the Hero’s Journey. At some point in our lives, we feel called to dive deeper, to heal past wounding, to go toe-to-toe with our fear, and to break through our perceived limitations. It’s the journey of every hero to face their ultimate fear.


Forging a new path requires having a guide– someone who has been where you are now and who knows how to navigate the terrain- someone who will walk alongside you as you transform. Once on this path, you know your life is going to change.


You can never go back to being who you were before. Nor would you care to, for who you will become through this process is what God envisioned for you when you came into being. It’s time to take a new kind of action.


Right now, you are at the point of Critical Choice

You are at the crossroads, the place between your past and your future. This is where you will make an important choice – to go back to sleep and pretend everything is okay or to fully wake up and step forth in your truth, with integrity and grace. 

It’s time to move beyond your comfort zone. New pathways don’t exist until they are forged. This is a moment in time where we all set out together to create the New World paradigm, and who we are becoming in the process. 

It’s time to be the change you want to see in the world.


You are being invited to go on the hero’s journey– to be the first generation of Luminary Path walkers who embark on a new way of living. Together we set the trajectory for all others to follow.

Are you ready to up-level?

Beyond The Talk There’s The Walk

The Luminary Path is a 6-month blend of private 1-1 sessions with weekly group coursework in an online container. We meet for three weeks in a row, followed by one week off to allow for deeper contemplation and integration.

The Luminary Path includes:

  • 6 Months of Luminary Path Group Teaching & Activation Sessions 
    • 18 sessions, 2-hours each 
    • PLUS, 2 Mental and Emotional Release® Weekend Sessions, 2-hours each

3 Private Coaching Sessions with Tris

(valued at $3,333)

The Luminary Path Coursework includes:

  • HEAL Childhood Wounding
  • RELEASE Negative Emotions from the Past
  • FORGIVE Yourself and Others
  • IDENTIFY Common Triggers
  • NAVIGATE Life’s Challenges
  • SUCCEED In Passing Big Life Tests
  • DISSOLVE Patterns of Self-Sabotage
  • DE / REPROGRAM Your Beliefs and Behaviors
  • UNCOVER Your True Core Values
  • ENFORCE Healthy Boundaries
  • PRACTICE Conscious Communication 
  • ALIGN The Ego and Personas
  • INTEGRATE Your Shadow
  • EXPAND Your Vision
  • ACHIEVE Your Goals and Desires
  • ACTIVATE Your Highest Potential 
  • ILLUMINATE Your Purpose
  • UP LEVEL Your Life

Program Dates:
April 5th – September 27, 2022

$6,000 Paid in Full
Or $6,999 3 Payments

Ready to commit?

Let’s have an in-depth conversation to make sure this is right for you. There’s a $300 deposit for scheduling the 1-hour Luminary Path Discovery Session which will be applied to your balance upon registration.

Program Dates:
April 5th – September 27, 2022

$6,000 Paid in Full


$6,999 3 Payments

Ready to commit?

Let’s have an in-depth conversation to make sure this is right for you. There’s a $300 deposit for scheduling the 1-hour Luminary Path Discovery Session which will be applied to your balance upon registration.

Right about now, old programming around fear, self-doubt and negativity may begin to talk you out of taking action

Let’s not be in denial. The old version of you had likely found comfort within the discomfort. While you knew you would have had to get out of your comfort zone and make sacrifices at some point, you’ve been mostly unwilling–up to this point–to fully commit. 

Old programming around self-worth is deeply ingrained. It shows up in the form of reasons and excuses—usually ones that *seem* completely justifiable—and before you know it, you’re back in the matrix of your familiar cycles of self-sabotage. 

Turns out that fear and limitation DON’T keep you safe–at all. Playing small, people-pleasing and pretending you’re perfectly content in your complacency is an illusion. On the contrary, this old programming is actually harmful and very painful. 

Spiritually, it creates the illusion that we’re disconnected from God / the Universe or are somehow unworthy. This can trigger unresolved abandonment issues and feelings of being alone. 

Energetically, it keeps us in a lower frequency that attracts more of the same, in the form of people, experiences and life events, unable to activate our higher blueprint and genetic coding.

Mentally, it perpetuates your perceived limitations around self-worth and causes you to loop through old ingrained patterns of self-sabotage.

Emotionally, you may feel guilt, shame, sadness or resentment for letting yourself down and, eventually, regret begins to set in. 

Physically, the heaviness of knowing we’re not living our best life creates lethargy, exhaustion and, in some cases, mild to severe depression. 

Are you ready to break free?

It’s time to surrender to the greatness that is YOUR truth. Together, with other like-minded friends, you will walk the Luminary Path, moving through challenges, triggers and tests. 

Now is the time to notice your usual reasons and excuses, those things that keep you stuck in the past, repeating the same old programmed responses. 

The Luminary PathTM starts April 5th and doors will be closing a week prior.

Take the next step NOW. Let’s connect to talk it through and make sure it’s a fit for you.

Wondering if The Luminary Path is for you?
Here are some answers to ease your mind.

  1. Your program sounds amazing–and exactly what I’m looking for in my life but I’m afraid of losing myself, my relationships and my current life if I do this work.

  2. I’ll be honest, doing the deeper work will transform you from the inside out. Your values will shift and what you hold as being your truth will align with your ultimate purpose for being here. You will come to know yourself more deeply and, with that, you will make different choices.

  3. Fully stepping into my purpose triggers my persecution fears. I feel paralyzed, even though I know I need to speak my truth and stand in my light.

  4. This is old programming at play. These fears look, sound and feel very real for you right now. And, in doing the deeper work, you begin to shed those old beliefs and fears, so that you are able to fully stand in your light – with truth, integrity and grace.

  5. My reasons and excuses around having not enough time and money are creeping in. I’m convincing myself that this isn’t a priority right now.

  6. Again, this is old programming running in the background in an attempt to keep you safe. How long have you been putting off becoming the person you’re meant to be because of this all-too-familiar limitation? By stepping onto the Luminary Path, you activate your higher potential, including enjoying more financial freedom and abundance.

  7. Will I be able to trust and experience that breakthrough I truly yearn for? My self-sabotage patterns are strong and I’m afraid this won’t work for me.

  8. The truth is, your results depend entirely on how you walk the Luminary Path. What I can promise is that I will walk beside you and, I can only be your guide. I cannot make the difficult decisions, nor can I take action for you. You will need to be the one who takes agency over your life.

  9. What happens if we discover deep trauma that I wasn’t aware of previously. What level of customized support do you provide?

  10. I am highly trained in the area of childhood wounding and generational trauma. Should anything arise during our walk on the path, I have several approaches and modalities to assist you. That said, The Luminary Path is for people who are ready to move beyond their predetermined trauma responses and into self-governed sovereignty.

  11. *If you are currently experiencing a traumatic response, it’s best that you seek professional support to assist you in healing from and integrate the specific events.

  12. My life isn’t exactly terrible and yet, I feel I’m being called to explore myself and my purpose more deeply. Is this the right program for me?

  13. Collectively, we are at a choice point where our individual choices are having an enormous impact on human evolution. It’s not just a question of convenience, we are at an evolutionary threshold. Beyond the invitation to continue to expand, many are feeling a sense of urgency around experiencing big breakthroughs- personally and professionally.

  14. What is your mentoring style, Tris? I’ve had good and bad experiences with coaches and online programs in the past.

  15. Clients tell me I’m the toughest coach they’ve ever had, and yet they’ve never felt more loved, nurtured and held through their process. I will call you out when necessary, and I’ll do it in a way that comes from a place of compassion and curiosity. I carry a high frequency of grace and will also trigger you in ways that enable you to push beyond your upper limits.

  16. What if I change my mind half way through the program? What’s your refund policy?

  17. People often want to quit when the going gets tough. My refund policy disables this subconscious pattern of self-sabotage by not giving you the opportunity to bail out. In other words, your purchase is final and non-transferable. In this, I know and trust that you will go the distance for yourself.

A Love Note from Tris

We all respond differently to the process and the path, yet everyone goes through these moments, and everyone makes compromises—big and small. This is the story of every one of us.

We can beat ourselves up pretty harshly in those darker moments. And, in those uncertain moments, so far from our original plan, we defer our dreams and resign ourselves to accepting smaller expressions of our magnificence until our once-bright light begins to dim. 

As the years go on, we forget that divine stardust moment of our birth—when we were born perfect and whole—and we get further and further away from our innate knowledge of our wholeness, perfection, and purity. 

With each mistake or regretful action, we stop accepting that we are divine creations. We begin to build walls in our heart, our conversations, our sense of self, our attitudes, and even in our physical body. 

Our fear of being judged makes us seek to fit in, please others instead of ourselves, and our natural state of self-acceptance and self-celebration starts to fade. 

It’s excruciatingly painful to live in fear and low self-worth. I’m here for you. Let’s walk the Luminary Path together. 

In love and gratitude,

P.S. If you’re feeling this is where you’re meant to venture and you’re wanting to talk it through, click the button below to schedule some time with me.