Breakthrough Sessions
The purpose of a Breakthrough Session is to exact the underlying problem
you are experiencing and eliminate it so that you can create positive change in your life
by setting achievable goals and taking the action steps to get you there.

breakthrough_session_imagePEOPLE ARE SEARCHING FOR HAPPINESS

The number one thing people are searching for, ultimately, is happiness.

They want to be happy with their career, they want to be happy in their relationship, and they want to be happy with their health and well-being.

The thing that brings you happiness is achieving a result. This result could be finding the partner of your dreams and to find this person, you need to first overcome your baggage. The biggest things that derail a person are their unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and anxiety.


Have you tried therapy or counseling and didn’t feel like you got much resolve? Perhaps you’ve attended self-help workshops and retreats and you felt amazing while you were there. Yet, within a short period of time after returning home, you were back to feeling the same way you had before you attended said program. Ever wonder why it is that you can’t shake that one thing that holds you back, keeps you spinning out and living a life of overwhelm, or worse?

Here it is: Many people try to get at their deeper issues by dealing with the surface-level symptoms, like shopping, eating, spending hours on social media sites, over-exercising, drinking, doing drugs and various other distractions to avoid whatever is creating the distress.

If this is you, you’ve probably noticed that, while you might derive some temporary pleasure, it soon subsides. Bottom line: avoidance of what’s bothering you doesn’t work – and here is why:

You need a technique to uncover the root – the deeper issue – the deeper level programming that has been there for so long.


A Breakthrough Session is designed to not just dig up the deeper issues, it is designed to get you in touch with your values and what is important to you. Values determine what we do with our time and how we evaluate the time that we have spent. Nothing is more critical to your success. When you know your values and have them aligned with your thoughts, you become focused like a laser beam moving towards your target.


During the Breakthrough Session, you will release your past-based fears through Mental and Emotional Release® techniques, and align with your deeper purpose through values. You will set a goal that will be aligned with your dreams and help you to make the dream become your reality.

  • Overcome your limiting beliefs and enhance your self-confidence
  • Let go of the past and experience more happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind
  • Put an end to self-sabotaging patterns and step into your power
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others so you can experience emotional freedom
  • Align with your values and set achievable goals
  • Create an action plan that will unfold the life you want to live

A Breakthrough session is our first course of action in my Integrative Breakthrough Coaching model. The duration of a Breakthrough session generally lasts 6-8 hours and is a comprehensive approach to identifying the various reasons why you’ve been unable to achieve your goals. Once we have elicited the underlying theme, we can then remove old negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions that are the unconscious drivers that keep you stuck.


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Once we’ve removed the baggage, we then replace it with new behaviors and strategies that literally allow you to ‘break through’ and become super-charged in the area of life you’ve chosen to work on.

I AM your GUIDE.

The WORK is your BRIDGE.



My unique approach is three-fold: a heart-centered, conversational approach to understanding how your experiences have shaped who you are, combined with Mental and Emotional Release® techniques that access the unconscious mind to assist you in releasing past negative emotions, limiting beliefs and anxiety, followed by an integration of mindfulness-based lifestyle practices that enable you to live a life of happiness and fulfillment from the inside out.

breakthrough_session_image_pinkHOW IT WORKS:

Unlike Integrative Breakthrough Coaching, Breakthrough Sessions are best done in person so that I’m able to better support you in a safe environment as you move through a profound release process. Similar to my Integrative Breakthrough Coaching model, for your Breakthrough Session we focus on one area of life at a time. You will choose a specific area of your life that you feel needs the most attention at this time (personal development, health and wellness, relationships, family, career and success, or spirituality).

Breakthrough sessions can be done as a stand-alone without entering into a full coaching arrangement, although this isn’t recommended – and here is why. The purpose for having a coach is to help you help change your perception of the past by setting goals, to help you change your perception of the future by taking action, and to help you change your perception of now by maintaining your focus. In other words, I keep you on track.

During this time, as your coach, I will guide you through a purposeful and proven process that consistently produces breakthrough results.

Interested in Integrative BREAKTHROUGH COACHING with Tris? 

Click Here to fill out A short form and schedule a COMPLIMENTARY cLARITY CALL



Please enjoy my complimentary guided
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