Rewrite Your Story

With Awareness and Intention

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Rewrite Your Story

With Awareness and Intention

Tuesday, August 3rd through
Tuesday, October 5, 2021

10-week Virtual Immersion With Tris Thorp

Rewrite your story and heal your precious heart.

Emotional pain takes many forms: the grief of loss, overwhelming stress or anxiety, depression, job burnout, feeling stuck or trapped, heartbreak, lingering guilt, regret, fear of trusting again, pent-up anger, worry about the future, and shame from the past.

We’ve all got some.

In the face of difficulty, most of us do our best to cope with the situation; we hold it together and soldier on. But we end up carrying the weight of huge emotional pain without knowing how to manage, heal or release it. The toxic residue of painful experiences gets stored in our mind and body, keeping us tethered to the past and wearing us down.

It doesn’t have to be this way. By healing your heart and rewriting your story, you release what holds you back so you can start to manifest exactly what your heart desires. I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that life’s too short for regrets.

During the 10-week Rewrite Your Story Virtual Immersion with Tris, you’ll learn to:

  • Get in touch with your unresolved mental and emotional baggage in a safe, nurturing and empowering way
  • Unpack your story self-compassionately so you can receive the lessons and glean the wisdom from past experiences
  • Heal and overcome your past by letting go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs with specific exercises, processes and techniques
  • Be guided through an in-depth forgiveness process to heal any unresolved conflicts with others – and with yourself
  • Learn how to set and enforce healthy boundaries
  • Develop your ability to communicate with clarity, confidence and compassion
  • Clearly envision your future, set a goal and create an action plan for living your live with purpose and passion
  • Return home a new person with tangible techniques to apply every day and start living your life’s purpose

What is the 10-Week Rewrite Your Story Virtual Immersion program?

Based on Tris Thorp’s international bestseller, Healing Your Heart: Rewrite Your Story with Awareness and Intention, this 10-week virtual immersion is a deep dive into understanding how your past experiences have shaped the person you are today.

As Tris guides you through understanding how your emotions and limiting beliefs not only shape who you are, but dictate everything you think, say and do on a daily basis, you will come to know yourself at a much deeper level.

Together with Tris you’ll adopt mindfulness-based practices for contemplation, self-reflection and the tools for unpacking your story in a safe, nurturing environment. This arms you to discern the lessons and gifts from the past – from the pain and suffering that are ready to be released.

Not only will you be guided through a process of unpacking your story, releasing past baggage and finding peace through forgiveness, you will learn how to do this work yourself whenever the need arises – literally enabling you to rewrite your story!

Get ready to let go of

  • Negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, guilt and anxiety
  • Limiting beliefs about yourself, others and the world we live in
  • Attachment to others from past experiences

Gain all these benefits

  • Release the hold of negative emotions from the past
  • Replace old limiting beliefs with positive ones
  • A new version of yourself
  • New friendships and a community that will last forever
  • A true sense of being free from your past
  • The clarity and sense of purpose to start living your dream life
  • Weekly self-reflection questions to help you continue to unpack and integrate the past, enabling you to be the empowered author of your new story.
  • PLUS A SPECIAL NEVER BEFORE BONUS: A brand new Saturday immersion where you will be guided by Tris through Mental and Emotional Release ® techniques to help you let go of anger, sadness, fear, guilt and anxiety, as well as limiting beliefs that hold you back from living your best life today.


**Space will be limited to ensure an intimate experience for all attendees.


You’re ready to receive the immense benefits of the Rewrite Your Story immersion. Here’s why.

Rewriting your story is a process of taking back control over your life. It’s not about changing the past, it’s about creating a compelling future. Each week, Tris masterfully guides you through the steps to reveal the truth of who you are; not your positions, your possessions or your achievements thus far – the real YOU. In her step-by-step process fo healing from the past, Tris. will walk you through getting in touch with your hidden baggage through journaling, guided visualization and self-contemplation. Full disclosure: it will get uncomfortable, you will experience emotional release, in the safe and loving company of others who are learning to walk this path alongside you. 

The only way out is through, and the only way through is IN. This is where the transformation begins.

As you progress, Tris teaches you her powerful release processes to help free you of past negative emotions, limiting beliefs and other unnecessary baggage.  You will also learn a powerful forgiveness process, to apply with yourself and others. Finally we round out the 10-week virtual immersion by bringing in a vision of what you want to create in your future. The journey of healing from our past and becoming spiritually, mentally and emotionally empowered begins with clearing out anything that prevents us from being able to move forward. The Rewrite Your Story Virtual Immersion program helps you start this transformative journey, and teaches you the fundamental techniques for you to continue doing your work as you continue down your path.

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Classes are Recorded so you can attend at your leisure if your schedule conflicts.

*Required Reading: Healing Your Heart; Rewrite Your Story with Awareness and Intention

10-week Virtual Immersion Guided by Tris Thorp

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