Guided Meditations

When we are aware of awareness, we operate from choice rather than reactivity

Begin Your Inner Journey

Anchor into the present moment and meet yourself right where you are, in this very moment

Explore my guided meditations, and learn practices and processes for healing your heart, rewriting your story, and balancing your energy, mindset and emotions, helping you to become more calm, centred and balanced in your life. Some of the guided meditations here are excerpts from my workshops and retreats, so you’ll be getting exclusive insight into the tools and processes I use with my clients to help them achieve life changing, life lasting, breakthroughs. These meditations are also the perfect accompaniment to my (Deepak Chopra endorsed) book Healing Your Heart, to help you break free from the past and create the new beginning you whole-heartedly desire.

Activating Your Light

In this 32 minute session, Tris helps you to build a picture of the best version of yourself, step by step and visualise who you truly desire to be in all 6 key areas of your life: relationships, career, health and fitness, family and spirituality. Tris gives you the tools to step into and activate the incredible power that lies within you that’s necessary to enact fundamental and long-lasting change.

Calming Your Emotions During Difficult Times

Tris’ 13 minute guided meditation will help you to balance out your internal climate, so you can control your emotions instead of letting your emotions control you. Tris will you teach you how to anchor yourself in the present moment so you can embody calmness amidst life’s storms, whether they are happening within you or around you.

Mindfulness Meditation

You know that feeling when you can sense that something isn’t right, but you just can’t figure out what? This 12 minute guided visualisation delivers an integral tool for spiritual and personal growth: simply to gain awareness of awareness itself. In order to create change in our lives, we must first recognise that we need change. This visualisation will help you get in touch with your intuition so you can identify which areas of your life you feel you need to shift.

Freedom Through Forgiveness

How can we move forward if we can’t let go of what’s behind? In this 16 minute guided meditation, Tris lovingly guides you in the process of freeing yourself from the emotional burdens connected to other people and situations from the past. This meditation will help you understand how to take these painful experiences and turn them into lessons and wisdom that will help you carry forward on your path with a lighter, freer heart.

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