newyearspractices-24As you reflect back on the past year, identify opportunities for taking your emotional health to the next level next year. It’s important to be aware that anytime you set an important goal and actively move toward it, you can come up against resistance, either from yourself or other people.

Have you ever set a new goal and then heard your inner voice say, “You can’t do that!” or “You never finish anything!” How about that friend or family member who shoots down your dreams with hurtful comments like “Why would you want to do that?” or “That’s so ridiculous!” Any way you slice it, resistance can bombard you in various forms and this is one reason why over 90 percent of people never actually achieve their goals.

The purpose of setting New Year’s resolutions is to create change. Creating change can require you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and can bring up your biggest fears and limiting beliefs. Having the emotional strength to overcome your own perceived limitations and lack of support is paramount if you want to achieve any goal. It’s important to first focus on doing things that will help strengthen your emotional foundation and make these things part of your daily ritual.

Explore how you can increase your happiness, joy, and fulfillment with the following 10 practices.

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