You’ve been meditating consistently for an extended period of time now, and you’re ready to take your practice to the next level. Perhaps you’ve now reached a plateau and you’re wondering if meditation is really working … or when you’ll arrive at the next stage. Inevitably, at some point, we all come to a place of expectation that something profound should be happening during our practice, and we begin to question how we can take the next step to deepen our experience.

Modern day society teaches us that after a certain period of study, our natural progression is to graduate to the next level. We’re taught to calibrate on results and that our goals should be measurable. The paradox of the ancient teachings is to unlearn this exact process; to let go of attachment to outcome, and surrender to experience versus intellect. Herein lies our greatest challenge on the spiritual path.

There are four fundamental components to deepening one’s meditation practice and, subsequently, spiritual evolution. They are stillness, silence, space, and surrender. Higher altitudes of terrain require more refined approaches to navigating the territory. Let’s explore …read full article here.