stressed-45Feeling stuck—whether it’s in work, love, spiritual growth, or any other aspect of life—is frustrating. Sometimes you might feel directionless for long periods of time while other times you may just need an extra push to get from here to there. Either way, being stuck is no fun and has the potential to derail you indefinitely.

One of the biggest challenges with being stuck is the innate desire to fix things immediately. Anytime you encounter an obstacle on the path to your goals and desires, the first instinct is to reconcile the situation as soon as possible and get back on track. Yet, sometimes the harder you try to get unstuck the deeper you seem to go.

A good place to start is to figure out what kind of “stuck” you are. Are you deer-in-headlights stuck, or sinking-in-quicksand stuck? It’s important to get clear on whether you’re waiting for your inner creative director to kick back in, or if you’re the kind of stuck that you can’t get out of alone. Oftentimes you just need to shift your trajectory a bit—move your body or light the proverbial fire under yourself. But other times your stuckness requires a helping hand.

Whenever you find yourself a little more stuck than usual, try these steps to help you make the leap.

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