chaostocalm-28Life is stressful. It’s just the way it is … There’s nothing I can do about it … I can’t take a vacation, I’m too busy …  I don’t have time to work out … I can’t get sick right now, I have too much to do.

The stressors of day-to-day living can be brutally overwhelming. Left unmanaged, stress will slowly build upon itself until we find ourselves spiraling out of control: back-to-back meetings, deadlines, difficult coworkers, irrational bosses, school, projects, walking the dog, errands, social engagements, cooking, cleaning, arguments with spouses, crying babies, colds, flus, planning for the next day, and the never-ending to-do list. We wake up, churn and burn through the day, pass out, and repeat. Sadly, it’s become our ”norm.”

We know on some level that we’ve fallen into an abyss and yet we don’t know how to stop the cycle or move out of the state of suffering, so we rationalize it or we blame our work, our boss, our spouse, our parents, or our friends for the events and circumstances of our lives. Some choose to pretend that it’s not really that bad or that this is just the way life is and there must be something wrong with us because we’re not able to cope as well as others seem to be coping. In other words, we inadvertently bury it and keep going which perpetuates the very cycles that got us here in the first place. Read full article here.