conscious-communication-a-key-ingredient-to-your-marriage-30Our intimate relationships can be the most incredible, nurturing, and fulfilling relationships we can have as human beings. When two people come together in marriage or any long-term commitment, it is usually with the heartfelt intention of making the relationship and each other the primary focal point of their lives. Of course there are other areas of life that are important—like health, family, and career—and yet the marriage is what makes up the foundation for two people as they journey through life together.

At the beginning, romantic relationships are exciting, invigorating, and passion-filled. Our hearts are a-flutter, there’s a wild adrenaline rush and an overwhelming desire to be with one another every moment of every day. It can be the most powerfully euphoric feeling ever. Over time and as two people fall into a routine, if the relationship isn’t tended to on a daily basis, the couple will lose sight of the relationship and of each other. Careers, children, and day-to-day responsibilities take the lead and the relationship falls to the wayside.

A key ingredient to any successful marriage is the ability to consciously communicate with one another in a loving and direct way that gets results. Results in this context refer to having your own needs met and also meeting the needs of your partner. Each of us has an innate desire to be deeply connected with our partner and let’s face it, our happiness is determined by whether or not our needs are being met. Let’s first consider some fundamental needs that we all have. Read full article here.