teamwork_0-29Building and maintaining rapport in the workplace, or anywhere for that matter, might just be your best tool for cultivating a positive environment, both in and out of the office. Rapport is best defined as being how you relate to or connect with others, especially when it comes to harmonious or sympathetic relation.

Every interaction with another being is a relationship and every relationship thrives when there is alignment, cohesion, stimulation, and compassion. Regardless of the context, when we feel connected with others and there is a shared vision we are more likely to put forth our best efforts. On the contrary, when we feel isolated, misunderstood, or excluded from others, even if it’s just one person, it will have an adverse effect on our emotional state and our productivity.

Rapport is also the cornerstone or starting point for building trust. If you are not in rapport with someone, then trust is never going to happen. According to the book, The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey, when you lack trust in a workplace, you lack a fundamental connection that builds and fosters meaningful results. The first step in building trust is establishing rapport not just with individuals, but with teams and an entire company. Only then is trust able to flow down from the top of the organization to the entire staff.

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