We often hear about executive coaching services, but what results can one expect from the guidance of an executive coach?

This is especially true for executive women coaches. Women continue to be a dominant force in the workplace, and they may face unique challenges as they progress in their careers.

Tris Thorp offers 1 on 1 executive coaching and leadership development for women who have made great strides in their careers, but may have hit a plateau, roadblock, or simply wonder what comes next.

Tris’s executive and leadership coaching provides an excellent opportunity to help women executives release what is holding them back from success and find actionable ways to achieve professional and career goals.

Here is one of her client’s success stories:


Understanding and Overcoming Strained Team Dynamics


Lauren is the Head of Talent Development, Performance, and People Analytics for a large company.

Lauren enlisted the help of Tris for 1 on 1 executive coaching. She felt like she was stuck navigating the relationships in her team. During her first year at a new position, Lauren was focused on being a high performer and accomplishing the work to accelerate her agenda.

Unfortunately, Lauren hadn’t earned the respect of her team. They felt Lauren wasn’t recognizing their efforts and that she was too aggressive in her leadership approach. Lauren tried making adjustments, but it didn’t feel congruent to her work style. She began questioning her desire to be a leader and manage others–even though she successfully managed for over a decade.

Lauren also struggled to navigate power relationships with male team members and peers. When power dynamics came into play during meetings or conversations with men, she tended to shut down internally and go quiet. She believed these team dynamics and gender biases in the workplace were always at play and were never going to change. She felt suffocated and silenced because men got recognized more often for what they said–even if she mentioned something similar.


Navigating Team Dynamics


After working with Tris for a few weeks in leadership development, Lauren began to feel more integrated between the beliefs she had about herself and how others saw her. With guidance from Tris, she started approaching management differently–paying extra attention to team dynamics.

As a result, Lauren felt more authentic in how she led others. She released the desire to control everything and put more trust into her team.

Her team members noticed a shift in Lauren’s managing style and started communicating more openly and effectively. Working relationships improved and team dynamics seemed more balanced.

After two months of consciously cultivating her management style, Lauren asked her team for feedback. Their appreciation showed. Lauren’s manager effectiveness score jumped from 8% to 70%!

Lauren felt a huge boost in the confidence she was losing before starting Tris’s executive coaching services.

Managing Power Relationships


Tris also addressed why Lauren felt silenced by the men in her workplace. Together, they identified why Lauren saw men as direct competitors and created an action plan to release the microaggressions and internal struggles involving males.

Lauren let go of beliefs that didn’t serve her about male coworkers. She came to an understanding of what was “behind the curtain” of men she viewed as competitors. Now Lauren makes it a point to start a meeting or conversation with men by finding common ground. With this connection established, she doesn’t feel like shutting down or going silent. She values the collaborative process.

Lauren still feels her managerial and communication journey is an ongoing process. Tris’s insights and guidance provided the catalyst to make Lauren happier, more focused, a better leader, and willing to communicate with her team authentically.


What Lauren had to say:


“Tris really helps you to build the capability to read people and understand relationship dynamics in the workplace. She helps you to see the connection between the dynamics that play out in personal relationships and how they are similar to the relationships you seek to build in the workplace.

“Being a leader in a company can often feel like you’re always playing chess. But, after working with Tris, I feel more confidence in how to make strategic moves that elevate me as a leader while simultaneously uplifting and empowering those around me.”


Be The Next Success Story!


Right now, Tris Thorp is accepting a limited number of women who want to further their career and work in alignment with their life’s purpose.

Tris’s Integrative Breakthrough Coaching combines a heart-centered, compassionate approach while integrating strategic, actionable steps for personal and professional development.

If you are ready to release the attitudes and baggage holding you back from your career success story…and then TAKE ACTION…

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