howtoexploreyourspiritualdharma-34It’s pretty amazing that we live in a time when being spiritual has become more popularized; where meditation studios are now trending, yoga studios can be found on nearly every block, and mindfulness themes are ubiquitous. Thanks to the efficacy of Google and social media, you needn’t look far and wide these days to find the Guru or the path.

It’s been a long-standing belief among many that, in order to ‘find yourself’, a Guru or teacher is a requisite. To some extent this can be extremely helpful. One of the biggest mistakes we make on the spiritual path, however, is in thinking that the Guru has all the answers. Finding your spiritual dharma—or purpose—is more about introspection and self-discovery than about following the same path of others.

In a society that encourages competition, perpetuates fear, and promotes commercialism, we’ve long-since forgotten that we are all here to unfold our highest potential, to return to love, and to compassionately help others do the same. We’ve learned to ignore our own internal wisdom and have instead convinced ourselves that we are somehow exempt from figuring out the secret meaning of life. We adopt the lifestyles, practices, and beliefs of others in search of our own purpose. Sometimes it works and we find our path and other times we feel more disconnected and lost than ever before. Read full article here.