nodramaholiday-23The holidays are meant to be a happy season—a time when family and friends come together to celebrate and reflect on the year.

For many people, however, the holidays can spark feelings of anxiety, disenchantment, and even dread. Instead of relishing time with family, the season reminds them of unhappy memories, financial obligations, run-ins with dysfunctional relatives, and old family traditions that no longer bring joy. While the holidays are meant to serve as more of a time for rest and relaxation, many would argue they’re often the opposite.

You can’t control other people or events. However, with some focused awareness you can consciously choose to respond rather than react. Mahatma Gandhi once suggested that we “be the change we wish to see in this world.” Taking responsibility for how you interpret and navigate your experiences is the first step in successfully managing any tumultuous circumstance.

Try one—or all—of these 10 tips to have a more peaceful, drama-free holiday, including what to do when events spiral out of control. Read full article here.