We are ALL leaders to some capacity. We influence and affect everyone we come in contact with…EVERYONE. Leadership is something we do–consciously or unconsciously–through our daily choices and actions. 

It’s how we present ourselves when we think no one is looking. How we show up when life is messy, raw, and anything but show-worthy. How we channel our energy when things don’t go our way. 

You lead by who you are, your abilities, and how you’re expressing yourself.


How Do We Become More Impactful?


Take a moment to think about someone that truly inspired you. An individual that empowered and uplifted you even when things weren’t ideal. In short, someone who made a significant positive impact in your life.

What qualities did this individual have?

It may be harder to answer this question than you think. It’s often easier to point out the qualities one lacks than to pinpoint what makes someone so influential. 

Sure, you may be able to name a few things–enthusiasm, communication skills, integrity, grace under pressure. But really, it’s more than a simple checklist. It’s the energy they bring and how they use their abilities day in and day out.  

I once heard someone put it this way: A great leader makes everyone she comes in contact with look and feel beautiful. And I think you can agree, when we look and feel beautiful, we radiate more confidence and light. 

Individuals that make uplifting others seem effortless, almost like they have an innate ability…how do they do it?

Some may argue they are born with this ability. But…guess what? That’s rarely the case. It takes work. It’s a process of learning from mistakes, deepening the awareness of self, and compassionately understanding others.

To put it simply…successfully leading others is a learned skill. We need to show up everyday, take the good with the bad, and be willing to examine how our words and actions are affecting others. 

And, probably most importantly, be willing to change what we do when it isn’t effective or congruent with our vision and purpose.


Leadership is Evolving…For the Better


We all struggled through a difficult year. We were challenged, scared, uncertain, and forced to change in ways we probably never imagined as we rang in the new decade.

And, of course, we had our fair share of nagging fears and reservations before 2020. Things holding us back and blocking the paths to what we truly want. Fear of failure, fear of being judged, regret, and feeling unfulfilled can affect how we interact with ourselves and others. 

Prior to COVID-19, I traveled the world and led from a stage. Then change hit me like a tidal wave. In what seemed like an instant, everything was uprooted. I started leading from my living room. I was navigating a divorce and all the messy thoughts and feelings that come with it. 

I worked through the struggles. Took the time to examine myself, my interactions with others, and how I could create a positive ripple effect in the world.

I rebuilt my foundation (several times over) so I could approach 2021 standing in my truth.

Now is the time for each of us to be thinking about how we’re leading in our professional and personal lives. I sincerely believe effective leadership should be based on these pillars:

  • Heart-centered: Approaching life from a place of inner strength, courage, authenticity, and resiliency.
  • Compassion-based: Practicing genuine empathy to see as others see and feel as others feel.
  • Courage-driven: Facing challenges, changes, and development without fear being a roadblock.
  • All-inclusive: Allowing all in your business or group to feel included and treated fairly and with dignity. 

Start Evolving How You Lead Now

People connect with YOUR leadership style because they resonate with you. They watch how you handle adversity, conflict, and chaos. And they choose you because they admire and respect you. 

From the moment you start your day, realize you are impacting others. Here’s a few things you can start doing today to establish yourself in the new era of leadership.

Spend Time Reflecting on Self and Your Vision

Take a little time each day for quiet contemplation about your personal beliefs, goals, and motivations. Journal, meditate, or simply write a few things you’re grateful for each day. These simple practices can start a shift in your mindset and help you act with integrity and authenticity.


Identify Your Fears and Reservations

Warning: This can be hard. We all want to believe we’re in a place where fear is not holding us back. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. Challenge yourself to identify fears that may be holding you back from reaching your purpose. By acknowledging your fears, you start the process of working through them. 


Be Mindful of Your Communications

At the end of each day, we want to believe we brought our best effort to the table. And sure, sometimes that happens. But what about those days where nothing seemed to go right? When one challenge set off a chain reaction that completely threw off everything you expected to accomplish for the day? How did you handle your interactions with others?

It’s easy to be a great communicator with those that really resonate with you. But what about the more difficult people in your life? How are you showing up when you communicate with them?

Strive to communicate with compassion and congruence with everyone you come in contact with. Yes, it will take some practice, but will make a HUGE difference in how you affect lives.  


Be Curious About Others

All too often, we don’t take the time to get to know others. It’s easier to label and make a two-dimensional caricature based on the little we know about a person.

When we become curious about others, we discover the hidden gems they possessed. We see they are so much more than the “one who complains all the time” or “the bubbly one” labels. The more we know about others, the more inclusive we can be in our interactions.

As a result, we develop a camaraderie–a vibrational alignment–that creates a compassion-based community.  


Serious About Leading Better?

Understanding how to reach and uplift others is a process. At some point, many amazing leaders reached a plateau where they realized some guidance and support would take their leadership to a whole new level.

Many of the women I speak with today are wanting a place where we can come for inspiration, transformation, and empowerment

This is why I created the Women In Leadership Mastermind. It’s an opportunity to call together like-minded, vibrationally-aligned women to collaborate within an infrastructure of vulnerability, compassion, courage, strength, and community. 

Ready to thrive in the new era of leadership?

My 1-year mentorship/mastermind is a chance to come together in a movement where we can emerge as the women we came here to be.

It includes:

  • 2 Monthly Live Virtual sessions
  • Hot Seat + Group Coaching
  • Facebook Live Q&A’s
  • Expert Guest Speakers addressing the most relevant leadership topics
  • Live 2-day Retreat
  • Exclusive access to the Women in Leadership Facebook Group 


Please Note: An interview process is required to qualify for this unique opportunity. I want to make sure everyone in the Leadership Mastermind has a sincere passion to make the bold moves to transform as leader during this new, exciting era. Start the Interview Now