Hey there, friend—


This week on the path, I’m shining a light on two important factors for personal growth and spiritual development that we sometimes use as excuses for not taking action.


​The first is staying aligned with who you are and what is most important to you at your core.


​The second is finding your new growth edge and consciously choosing to move toward it—especially during difficult and uncertain times.


​It’s no secret that, from a global all the way down to deeply personal levels, we are in crazy and chaotic times of uncertainty. We know that old systems are breaking down and strategies we once used are no longer working.


​We’re all being tested with major shifts in our lives, be it the economy, labor strikes, lay-offs, wildfires, crumbling businesses, social injustices, loved ones leaving their bodies, family’s separating and so much more.


​A lot of people are really struggling right now—with anger, depression, fear, confusion, grief, overwhelm, uncertainty and exhaustion—and because it feels like it’s all happening at once, our tendency is to shut down.


​When it’s too much to bear is when we run the highest risk of giving up, numbing out, and burying our heads in the sand hoping the problem will just go away.


​We’re so busy blaming others for how things are that we’re missing the point, which is to look inside ourselves, course-correct where we’ve fallen off our path, and take steps to move ourselves back into alignment.


​Which brings us to the questions . . .


How do we consciously navigate our lives when we’re being tested, when we’re feeling blocked, and when we’re facing challenges that seem insurmountable? 


​This line of self-inquiry is precisely where we begin the work of finding our way back into harmony with ourselves, in our relationships and in what we’re here to do.


​No matter what is happening globally, in the economy, in your business or your personal life—even when things are crazy, confusing, and chaotic, you can still choose to live in alignment with what you know is authentic and true for you.


​Will it make things better overnight? Of course not. And yet, it’s the medicine that will begin to move things in a different direction, when applied daily.


​The Universe (your God and your Guides) are always supporting you to live into your best and highest expression—your soul’s purpose for being here—and the only way you can grow into that version of yourself is through learning opportunities also known as blocks and challenges.


​Whenever you’re facing some kind of test or obstacle, it’s being presented as a means to get you to look more closely at where you are either not paying attention or not taking action.


​This is your invitation to really lean into your fears, to look away from the superficial distractions perpetuated by the news, social media, low-vibe people, and situations—and instead, focus your energy and attention on where you can expand.

  • Where can you be in your work by having the uncomfortable conversations so that you can bring about resolution or completion? Even though it’s scary.

  • Where can you be in your work by speaking up for what you want and need so that you can stop people-pleasing? Even though you’re afraid of hurting their feelings or being rejected.

  • Where can you be in your work by admitting that something you’re doing (or not doing) isn’t working so that you can move yourself out of a toxic situation and into something better? Even though the unknown feels terrifying.

  • Where can you set and enforce healthy boundaries so that there is greater clarity, understanding and respect in your relationships? Even when it might cost you your job, a friendship, or your place in the family.

  • Where can you see that you’re still walking around with your wounds wide open and projecting your pain and shame onto others, and make the commitment to healing? Even though you don’t know what that could look like.

  • Where have you deferred your happiness and decision-making to someone else, and given up your power so that you don’t have to take responsibility for your life being the way it is? Even though it may be painful to look at.

Yes, this is direct. Yes, this may provoke some emotion in you. Yes, this message may be triggering. Yes, these things feel scary, and yes, these things can be really hard to face.


But wouldn’t you rather face these things head on and do what’s needed to grow beyond the mess than to stay frozen by your fear, sitting on the sidelines indefinitely, and waiting for things to break you down over time?


​This week, consider what your new growth edge is and make a commitment to work through some of the questions above to get really clear on your next steps.


​And, if you’re reading this and you’re not currently in uncertain times, this is your opportunity to level up while you’re living inspired! Get after your growth while you’re in flow versus waiting for things to ebb.


Always Be Rising,