Hey there, friend—

This week on the path, unexpected change is in the air and some of what the Universe is dishing might have you feeling like “what the…what?!?”

When change takes us by surprise (as it often does), it can feel shocking, confusing, frightening and, even somewhat destabilizing.

You may begin to question why God would send you this massive redirect, challenge, or upheaval.

When your daily prayers go unanswered, and there seems to be little or no guidance or support, it’s normal to feel anxious, alone and abandoned on your path.

We are conditioned to seek certainty, safety, and security, despite knowing—deep down inside—that none of these things are ever truly promised.

I recently went through a massive redirect—and unexpected change—of my own, and here’s how I did my best to embrace the change by adapting with grace.

Tips for Navigating Unexpected Change

  • Spend time each day in stillness and silence. Quiet the mind, be with what is and notice what’s there when you silence the commotion.
  • Pay attention to signs and synchronicities(aka coincidences). Is there a common theme being shown to you (through conversations, random billboards, an email in your inbox)?
  • Start saying ‘yes’ to opportunities and invitations.You never know who you will meet, what resources you will tap into, or what new skills and knowledge you may acquire along the way.
  • See if you can you reframe your fear by turning it into excitement—or, at the very least, curiosity around what the bigger cosmic plan is for you—even though you can’t see what that is right now.
  • Remind yourself that your Creator (God, the Universe, Spirit, Source—whatever that is for you) is always conspiring in your favor. Sometimes the redirect is a necessary detour to your desired destination (even though it doesn’t feel that way in the process).

These practices can help you intentionally navigate big life changes in any area of your life.

​It’s my hope that they bring more presence, peace, connection, and awareness into how you’re living.

Until next time…

Always Be Rising,