Every year in December, I spend some focused time recapitulating the year for the purpose of feeling gratitude for the people, events and experiences that helped me become a better version of myself. 

To help me remember all the milestones and special moments from the year, I keep a digital “Book of Wins” in my iPhone; a list of my achievements, proud moments, special events and things that I want to remember as I do my annual review and, of course, set my goals for the next year. 

I’ll split up the time over a few weekends where I can just sit and reflect on how those people, events & experiences shaped me into who I am today. Sometimes I do it on my couch under a blanket with a fire going, other times while out walking on the beach at sunset. 

I keep it simple and just think of those who supported me, encouraged me, inspired me or were just there when I needed a shoulder to lean on. 

I think about special events or milestones that left an especially warm, comforting or inspiring imprint on me. 

I recall experiences – both positive and negative – that perpetuated learning, growth and an opportunity to get really honest about the choices I made and what I can learn from them. 

A massive breakthrough, a hard-earned goal, the excitement of world travel, or the joy that comes from a shared connection. The loss of friendship, the uncertainty of the future, the deep healing that can only be born through stillness, silence and solitude. 

There is gold to be gleaned from all of it; the heartbreak and the love, the loss and the gains, the failures and the feedback. 

Where I feel especially grateful, I will take the time to send a text, a hand-written card or a gift to those who had a positive impact on me. I do this because all too often, we fail to really acknowledge ourselves and others for the contributions we make to the betterment of one another. 

It’s my small way of acknowledging “This happened and you were there playing the role you played, and I’m a better person for it. Thank you!”

Over the next few weeks we venture into the final moments of 2022. 

This period covers the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. It’s a powerful time to first reflect on the road you just traveled then decide where you want to focus your energy next.

As we prepare for this season, feel into what you really want for your life. What will make you feel good each day? What will help you evolve into the next best version of yourself? 

You have the power to manifest any life you desire. All you need to do is decide what you want, take action that supports your intentions, and then say no to anything that isn’t aligned with who you are becoming.