Are you using your emotions to inform you or are you letting them control you?

Your mental and emotional baggage is primarily responsible for creating the discrepancy between what it is that you say you want and what you are actually experiencing on a daily basis. It’s the dominant driver behind your choices and behaviors, and can be the number one thing that derails you in your day-to-day life.

Can you think of a time when nothing was going your way and you blew up at your kids or partner the minute you walked in the door at home? Or, how about when you had looming deadlines or projects at work piling up, and the pressure built until you either got sick, quit your job, or exploded altogether? Can you recall a time when your partner’s behavior was irritating you and instead of having a calm, centered, and balanced discussion with the intention of resolving it, you instead said nothing, let it fester, and then sabotaged the relationship in one way or another? These are all examples of how your emotional baggage can derail you in everyday situations.

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