Hey there, friend—

Last week on the path, I zoomed in on some of the specific patterns we run when times are uncertain, and things seem to be unraveling in our lives.

There’s a quote I love from one of Dan Millman’s books that has been coming to mind quite a bit lately, both as I have conversations with others, and as I contemplate some of my own challenges.

“People turn to God when their foundations are shaking, only to discover that it is God who is shaking them.” 

A lot of people are really struggling right now and my guess that includes you, at least on some level.

Things are happening in the world that our generation has never seen or experienced and we don’t know what to do with it, or what to do about it.

Humanity is moving through a massive transformation and we’re seeing big time activations of the Victim-Villain archetypes in our collective consciousness.

It’s precisely in these times that we’re all being called to face that thing we fear most—whether it’s the perceived villain “out there” or the perceived victim “in here”.

I believe that God, the Universe, our Higher Self—whatever that is for you—is always guiding us to be the best and most expansive versions of ourselves.

And because we tend to think we know best, we often try to muscle our way through life, ignoring the signs that the thing we’re fighting for is no longer aligned with who we are becoming.

Sometimes that thing is our belief system, our values, our relationships, our line of work, other people in our lives, the choices we’re making, and so on.

We tend to hold on to things we’ve outgrown for way too long, don’t we?

This is when that Higher Power steps in, shakes everything up, breaks everything down, and leaves you standing there, stripped of it all, to face the very thing you’ve been avoiding.

These are the times we’re living in right now, which reminds me of a great quote by Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process“the only way out is through, and the only way through is in.” 

The call is for each of us to acknowledge that the deep, inner work is where we will find our biggest breakthroughs, our greatest gifts, and our truest Self.

That is the version of us the world needs. That is the version of us we are seeking. That is the version of us that whispers to us when we know we’re making choices out of fear, lack and limitation.

I am as much a student on the path as I am a facilitator of the work. I have dedicated my life to both—living into and applying the teachings and guiding others through their own personal growth journey.

I believe that we’re never given more than we can handle—even though I’ve had my fair share of experiences that felt like they were going to be the death of me.

In fact, my most recent experience was the death of me, in every way – except physically leaving my body.


I knew I was on the wrong path with the person I had chosen to marry, and I kept looking the other way—hoping and praying that the uncomfortable truth would just go away.

Nope, it only got worse.

What I learned, having now come out the other end a completely different version of myself is this…

In the darkest, most chaotic times—when things fall apart—such times often mark a quickening as your soul readies itself to make a leap.

When you feel like you’re going nowhere, stagnating, even slipping backward, your soul is just backing up to get a running start.

You wouldn’t be at this critical juncture in your life, standing on this very precipice, if you weren’t fully capable of facing your growth edge and making the leap.

Whether you’re up against what seems like a ‘no way out’ situation or you’re simply being called to up-level in some way, the time to jump is now.

What is the thing you’re afraid of facing, and what would you need to know to muster up the courage to make your leap?

You got this and I got you!

Always Be Rising,