dharma-770x319The Soul Questions

The soul questions are how we create our Soul Profile. We ask the soul questions just before entering the stillness and silence of our meditation practice, and then we let them go, allowing the Universe to work out the details. Asking the soul questions connects us more deeply to who we truly are at the core of our being. The reason we ask the soul questions before going into meditation is to expand our internal reference point from constricted to expanded awareness. When we ask the soul questions, we are connecting to our personal soul and then the answers to life’s biggest questions begin to flow more freely.

When we first begin asking these questions in meditation, we might notice that our mind is generally pretty quick to answer. I invite you to keep asking the questions until you sense that the answers are coming from your heart, rather than your intellect. That being said, we aren’t searching for the answers. Rather, we plant the questions like seeds at the level of our soul and then we live the answers.

Who Am I?

The purpose of this question, “Who am I?”, is to begin a dialogue with our higher self, that aspect of us that is always within us that we often receive insights or instincts from. We ask this question to connect us more deeply to the essence of who we are so that we can shed concepts of who we think we are – on the outside – and get to know who we truly are – on the inside. If you were to strip away all your material possessions, your accomplishments and your relationships, who are you really at the core of your being?

What Do I Want?

We ask this question, “What do I want?”, as a way to begin our internal dialogue around that which we would like to see fulfilled in our lives. The answers can be material, spiritual, ethereal, physical, or even emotional. When we ask ourselves what we truly want, we not only become more clear about our intentions and desires, but we also energetically put the question (and the answers) out there for the universe to deliver.

What is My Dharma?

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means ‘purpose’. By asking the question “What is my dharma?”, we’re really asking “What is my purpose in life?” Each of us has a unique talent, a special gift, something that we do better than anyone else. Sometimes this is a skill set we have developed and use in our career, but often times it is just a hobby that we enjoy. When we understand what our own gifts are, we can then ask “how can I serve myself and others through doing that which I love – through our dharma?” This important question brings us closer to our life’s purpose – that which we came here to do.