The New Year is an exciting time as it marks a fresh, clean slate from which you can start anew. Filled with inspiration, intention, and wonder, you recommit to chasing your dreams and making them a reality. You write out your goals and aspirations, buy new day-planners, and set out to create positive and lasting change in your life. For the glue to stick long-term, however, there needs to be a grander vision—one that is meaningful and purpose-based.

Writing your list of intentions for the New Year can be an inspiring process—one that’s often birthed from a deeper desire to be, do, or have new experiences in the coming year. The act of contemplating where you’re at in your life and visioning for what’s to come stirs a new energy within—an energy of intrigue, hope, and inspiration. When done with awareness and intention, it sparks a connection to something bigger that lights your path.

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