Stress frustrated panic news email reading from laptop computer woman depressedThis is a great question and one that many people struggle with. Whenever I have come upon a crossroads and I’m not sure which direction to take, I pull over, consider my options carefully and then I follow my intuition – or my gut feeling – toward whichever direction feels right.

My advice is to first ask yourself “What am I most passionate about? What lights me up and makes me totally come alive?” Perhaps spend some time writing about this in a journal. Take your time to really contemplate your options and how each of them make you feel. With each path, ask yourself “Who will I become if I do (or don’t do) “X”?

And then, with each of the possible paths laid out in front of you, identify which path will bring you the most joy and fulfillment as you journey along it – and go that route!

If you’re like me and you appreciate a deeper level of specificity, a process that I use in my own life is to work with my values when deciding where to direct my energy and attention.

A valuable means for finding your true purpose is by revealing your values in life. This will help you to identify what is truly most important to you at the unconscious level and will bring it to the forefront of your awareness.

For finding your true purpose, I recommend that you first do this process with each area of life (health and fitness, relationship, career and success, family, personal development, and spirituality) separately. When you’ve completed these steps with every area of life, it will give you an overview of what is important to you about life. What you are good at and what you are passionate about will lead you to finding your true purpose.

  1. Begin with a brief description of what (health and fitness) means to you. Take the time to define it so that you get to know your true Self better.
  2. Ask yourself, “Why do I want that?” or “Why is that important to me?” Answering these questions will help you to see where it is that you derive your energy from. Who you are at the core of your being is what directs the answers to these first two questions.
  3. Set a goal for how you will achieve that which you desire. Sometimes goals can seem ego-driven, or not-so-spiritual. For example, “I want to start my own business teaching young entrepreneurs how to earn residual income while living the life of their dreams.” If you look more deeply at this, you will find the true purpose is to help empower others to live a life of happiness, fulfillment, and joy. This supports your true purpose and the purpose of others.

Hope this helps!



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