Mental and Emotional Release, MERMental and Emotional Release ®, (MER) can be defined as a clinically researched method to relieve one of anxiety, stress, fear and other undesirable emotions.

In today’s times, Mental and Emotional Release ® has become quite popular, bringing about rapid and everlasting transformation in individuals, thereby empowering their life. MER is a tool in understanding, directing and altering human behavior. MER is also highly effective when used to correct depression, phobias, and procrastination.

MER was created with the application of a therapeutic process to the internal memory storage system, resulting in a wide range of techniques that produce permanent transformation quickly and completely. The powerful Mental and Emotional Release ® techniques are gaining immense popularity to bring about long-term human behavioral changes.

Mental and Emotional Release ® , in short, can be considered as a healing technique to release one’s negative energy.

Its usage is most common in grief therapy and some other areas of trauma, both physical and emotional. One of the major tenets of MER is the proven ability to release prior emotional pains. To achieve this, a person is NOT required to undergo a process where they feel the pain, nor do they need to re-live the original experience. Once the individual discovers these pains are present they can be released, eliminating the problem areas and filling the individual with positive energy.

Integrative Coaches who are trained in the technique often use Mental and Emotional Release ® as a form of release therapy. Integrative empowerment and breakthrough coaching uses values-based and results-driven methods that develop deeper wisdom and skills within individuals. Engaging in lifestyle and leadership development coaching using integrative empowerment techniques is a career – and life-empowering decision.

During Integrative Breakthrough Coaching, practitioners who are trained in MER take note of all the problems faced by the individual to produce a comprehensive set of solutions, thereby skillfully helping the client enhance their potential in each of the problem areas. When the clients integrate after having completed MER in their initial Breakthrough Session, they reach newer levels of fulfillment, excellence, and positivity in their lives.

Similarly, the motive of a Breakthrough Session is to discover what exactly you want from life and, therefore, bring out the ways and methods to achieve those goals. A Breakthrough Session is an intense 1- 2 days of coaching that ushers commendable personal development in a short time span. The Breakthrough Session is a client-specific session that helps you get the kind of personal changes that you want to achieve, both in your personal and professional life.

So if you think you are in need of starting your life fresh with positive changes and transformations, MER® is the best option for you to pursue!