If you’ve ever felt “stuck,” you know what it’s like to have a certain mood that lingers over you like a dark cloud. Procrastinating on deadlines, confusion about what to do or where to begin, and other experiences of feeling stuck can leave you feeling anxious, apathetic, and out of options.

What causes a person to remain in a stuck state is not having a strategy for getting out. While it may seem that some people never get stuck, that’s not actually the case. Everyone gets stuck from time to time. Individuals that successfully avoid staying in stuck states simply have an effective strategy for getting themselves out of it as quickly as they got in.

Successful people have learned a successful strategy for getting themselves into a state where they see confusion as an opportunity for learning versus an impassable obstacle on the path. There is an opportunity here for you to learn new ways of doing things.

Creating Your Strategy

So, how do you get out of a stuck state? First, you need to figure out the state you are stuck in and decide how you want to feel instead. For example, you may want to get from procrastination to motivation, from confusion to resourcefulness, from apathy to inspiration, from feeling overwhelmed to being in control, or from having no options to totally going for it.

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