With summer rapidly approaching, you may be gearing up for the fun, excitement, and spontaneity that are just around the corner. Out comes the camping gear, hot dogs, bathing suits, and beach towels as you prepare for family vacations, hot weather, and fun get-togethers.

Whether summer equals downtime or a jam-packed list of outdoor activities, you can agree there is a different energy in the air. Summertime is marked by the light and heat of the sun. The days are longer and the temperatures are warmer, which means you may tend to be more active and spend more time outdoors. During this fiery and active season, you can trade in your previous daily routines in favor of spontaneity, social activities, and fun.

Sync Up with Summer

As spring transitions to summer, the seeds you planted—literally and metaphorically—during the winter have begun to blossom. And with the arrival of summer, everything comes fully awake and alive. In many ways, the energy of summer invites you to wake up and come alive as well.

In ancient cultures, people were closely connected to the seasonal cycles and rhythms, and they had specific ways of synchronizing themselves with the various rhythms of nature. Understanding and preparing for the different energies as you transition from one season into the next, enables you to flow with nature and maintain a harmony—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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