Life We all strive to feel happy and fulfilled. We all want to live a life of joy, peace, and balance. However, the darker side of life can keep us from achieving this. We constantly worry about time, money and even our purpose in this world. If you are feeling these burdens, then now is the time to make a change!


By working with Tris, you will learn several techniques that will allow you to feel light, free, optimistic, inspired and motivated. This is all part of Empowerment Breakthrough Coaching. By taking part in this Integrative Coaching, you will enhance your self-confidence and create a better version of you!

Integrative Breakthrough Coaching is a methodology made to highlight your true potential in life. This form of life coaching will teach you to embrace all of the aspects that make you up as a person. As a result, you will learn to be more open to learning from your past experiences and accept who you truly are.

Empowerment Life Coaching and integrative therapy are different from traditional therapy. Instead of a therapist, you work with a coach or mentor that will guide you on your journey and teach you how to reach emotional freedom. Integrative Coaching is a one-on-one practice that makes sure that you are given the attention you need to succeed while ensuring that you are given privacy and comfort.

Empowerment Breakthrough Coaching and Integrative Life Coaching with Tris follows this approach:

  • Heart-centered conversations to understand how your past experiences shaped you
  • Mental and Emotional Release ® techniques, including breakthrough sessions that help you access your unconscious mind to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • An integration of mindful lifestyle practices and meditation mentoring that helps you achieve full happiness and self-confidence from the inside out

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