Hey there, friend—

This week I’m shining a light on the collective conversation around recalibrating the modern rise of the feminine.

I recently did a podcast episode with Alex Gil of Rebranding God, where we had a very important and to-the-point conversation of how, in some ways, this movement has overshot the mark, creating a lot of imbalances between the masculine and feminine archetypal energies.

What we’re seeing today is how many women, in our quest to take a stand for our rights, our voices, our opinions and our choices, have stepped so fully into our masculine energy that it’s led us into overwhelm, exhaustion, resentment and burnout.

In this process, we’ve also adopted behaviors that emasculate men, leaving them not quite knowing what to do or how to interact with us for fear of some type of retaliation, shaming or ridicule.

This may be a triggering concept for some, and if you’re someone who’s feeling a bit unnerved by what I’m referencing, I invite you to hang in there with me and just consider where there may be some truth in it for you.

I believe we’re in an important time in our history—and with Venus currently in her very long retrograde period—to contemplate, reflect and consider if we have taken things a bit too far in thinking that we, as women, can and should be “doing it all”.

In almost all the conversations I’m having with clients, girlfriends, participants and peers, women are expressing that they feel like they’re having to do it all; they’re overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted and on the verge of breaking down.

As I’m having these conversations, I’m seeing that the women I’m speaking with are high achievers—entrepreneurs, business owners, women in C-level positions running corporations, managing the household, going after degrees, raising children, and pushing themselves beyond their breaking point.

It’s also not lost on me that these powerful women all share some variation of childhood wounding or trauma that has conditioned them to toughen up, handle their own affairs, make their own money, be in control, and never rely on anyone or anything but themselves.

It’s heartbreaking because we weren’t meant to do it all on our own, and it’s just not sustainable—energetically, mentally, emotionally, or physically. It’s breaking them. Many women are expressing that they feel disconnected, isolated and lost.

What began as programming of survival in our early childhood has become our strategy for trying to control our lives so that our sense of safety and security is never threatened.

When we have unhealed wounds and unresolved events in our timeline, we’re walking through life with our wounds wide open.

What initially began as a positive movement for women to reclaim equality has turned into aggression, competition and, to a degree, becoming the thing we’ve historically fought against.

It’s clear to me, from these conversations, that we’ve misunderstood the assignment of what ‘the rise of the feminine’ is wanting to guide us through and toward.

It can still be a modern-day movement while also honoring the spiritual and energetic call to lean into our softer side which is really where our true power resides—in our heart center.

I’m wanting to have a conversation about how we can recalibrate our energies so that we, as women, can operate from both our masculine and feminine in a more harmonized way—and allow the men in our lives to show up in the same way.

So that we can stand fully empowered while having an open heart, compassion, and grace.

So that we can lead our businesses, corporations and nations with authenticity, vulnerability, and strength.

So that we can be an example to our children of what it looks like to be confident and capable women who are also soft, warm, and integrated matriarchs.

So that we can do our part to bring about deep healing between the polarities of masculine and feminine, and to reinstate equilibrium within ourselves.

The Work of Recalibrating

This begins first by acknowledging where we may have fallen out of balance or taken things to an extreme, and then taking corrective action to bring more harmony into how we’re living.

I believe this work begins on the inside—through healing our inner child, through softening our edges, through allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and ask for support.

The invitation here is to take a nice, big inhale—then exhale it out, to connect to your center and to ask God or your Higher Self to show you where your work needs to be done.

“How can I soften into my heart, into my feminine, while still being true to who I am and allowing space for the masculine to be who he is?”

You are perfect as you are. There is nothing wrong with you. This is simply an opportunity to check in and ask yourself how you can invite in a bit more harmony between your masculine and feminine sides.

Always with love, truth, integrity and grace,