Hey there, friend—

This week on the path, I’m zooming in on the two things that tend to consume us when we’re faced with making big life decisions—our emotions and the haunting thoughts that accompany them—plus the one thing we ignore when we shouldn’t—our intuition.

Big life decisions can feel terrifying (or exciting) because you know it’s going to alter the course of your life in some unknown way.

Your emotions are the #1 thing that can (and will) derail you on your path, and the thoughts that keep them alive will send you to the darkest of places.

When I first considered separating from my (now ex) husband, I was flooded with all the emotions: anger, deep sadness, fear, confusion, humiliation, and total despair.

Then came the back-and-forth thoughts—’am I doing the right thing, should I be trying harder, what is wrong with me, what am I missing?’

My emotions and the ensuing thoughts had me on the proverbial hamster wheel for a year prior to finally making the decision.

The truth is, I knew deep in my heart and soul that it was over. I could feel and sense it in a way I couldn’t explain. My intuition was screaming from the inside and yet, my mind was trying to hold on.

I knew. I just didn’t want to accept the truth of what I knew.

We’re all given these Universal tests of our strength from time to time on our path.

The question is, are you able to quiet your thoughts and emotions so you can hear your inner voice—and, are you willing to move on the decision you know to be true and right—for you?

Here are my tips for regulating your mindset and emotions and making a call when you’re feeling flooded.

  1. Acknowledge how you are feeling. Sit down, breathe deeply, get still, and feel into your emotions. Lovingly accept them—and yourself—in this moment (and whenever they arise). It’s okay to feel angry, to feel sad, to feel afraid—that is a normal human experience. Don’t try to shut the discomfort out. Rather, learn to be with the discomfort and, when it passes, tap into what you inherently know to be true deep inside (your intuition, your gut, that inner voice of reason).
  2. Observe your thoughts while they’re playing out. See if you can separate your thoughts from who you are. Rather than getting swept up in the hurricane of thinking, write down the thoughts you’re having so that you can work with them objectively. Ask each thought what it’s trying to teach, tell, or offer you. Are they trying to point you in a different direction or show you where healing is needed? Weigh the pros and cons on both sides of the decision.
  3. Trust your gut. You are connected to your Creator and are always being guided. If that’s too ‘woo’ for your belief system, think of it as your gut instinct that fires off feelings of comfort or discomfort (truth or untruth) when you consider all the options in front of you. If it feels true or right—even (and especially) when you can’t explain it—that’s your sign.

On a side note, there is no passing or failing of these big life tests. Whatever choice you make, there is no right or wrongonly lessons to be learned.

I chose to stick it out for another six months and was repeatedly given more of the same (of what I shared last week). I guess I just needed a few more doses of reality before I was ready to listen to what I already knew. 🙃

I don’t have any regrets about the choices I made then and, there were hard lessons learned.

Today, I listen to that part of me—or God, the Universe, Source (whatever it is)—intently, and I make the hard decisions more quickly, with more clarity. And, I’ve been able to move more swiftly down my path because of it.

Hope these tips help you in some way as your journey continues to unfold.

Nothing prepares us for the work like doing the work.

Always Be Rising,