This is a Transformational Time in our History: Do You Feel Pulled to Emerge Better & Stronger?


No doubt 2020 will forever be etched in as one of the most memorable years of our lives. We could never have anticipated its arrival, nor predicted its outcomes. As shocking, confusing and utterly eye-opening as it continues to be, the events of this year have inevitably forced us all into new ways of living. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum during this wildly transformational time in our history, you’re likely feeling a strong pull to emerge better and stronger.


As is always the case in life, the energy of the season is ripe with opportunities for giving up, turning away and going dark. And, it’s also a fertile time for answering the universal call to look within, do our work and come together to forge new collective pathways. We have a choice in every moment to choose forgiveness over the grievance, compassion over hatred and personal growth over stagnation.


No matter the time and place, life is going to throw us curveballs. Some will, no doubt, be more manageable than others. There is very little in life that we are in complete control of, regardless of how well we fool ourselves into believing otherwise. We now know that all it takes is a year like 2020 for us to be reminded that our “norm” can be taken away from us in an instant. For many, this year has been the worst thing that’s happened and for others, it’s been the greatest blessing. Whatever your thoughts are on the unpredictability of 2020, it’s certainly a year that’s received our undivided attention.


What we choose to do with the circumstances and how we show up will reveal our true character.

In our greatest challenges is where we come face to face with the darkest side of ourselves – our shadow – and it’s also what reveals our ability to tap into our inner alchemist. Deepak Chopra says that “All change is preceded by chaos”. If there’s any truth to that statement whatsoever, we’re in for some mighty big changes. And, in that, we have a choice: we can go back to sleep and numb ourselves until the storm passes, or we can rise to the occasion with the intention of creating a better version of ourselves and the world we live in. What determines the direction each of us takes is likely a combination of the level of impact and our energy, mindset and emotions.


There is something to be said for timing. We can have the intention to always be rising all we want and when we’re in the midst of crisis and navigating inner turmoil, sometimes it’s all we can do to draw breath. It’s honest to say, in certain circumstances, that these moments aren’t about rising so much as they are about surviving; surviving the overwhelm of uncertainty, the loss, the frustration, the heartache, the loneliness or the isolation. Some days it can feel like life just isn’t on our side. In these trying times, it’s absolutely fair (and important) to meet ourselves where we’re at and to allow ourselves to just be with what is. It’s imperative that we learn to be present with and integrate these unpleasant experiences as they have much to teach us about ourselves.


  Then there are moments when the energy shifts in our favor

Then there are moments when the energy shifts in our favor, we emerge from the cloud cover, and we see life through the lens of optimism once again—even if it’s only for just a split second. These are the critical moments where we can harness and direct the positive vibes to bring us, once again, back into a place of alignment and empowerment. There are, of course, times when this is easier said than done, and it’s on us to quickly recognize and act on those windows of opportunity.


It’s been far too long, now, that we’ve been running patterns that don’t serve us. It’s time for each of us to:


  •  Stop putting everyone else’s needs before our own
  •  Discontinue the act of sabotaging our dreams and limiting our potential
  •  Step out of toxic environments
  •  Walk away from narcissistic people
  •  Spinning in circles due to overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout


In my 8-week online virtual immersion, Always Be Rising, I guide you through experiential practices, processes and exercises to help you:



  • Regain control of your energy, mindset and emotions
  • Set and enforce healthy boundaries
  • Strengthen the connection and communication in your relationships
  • Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors that, let’s face it, we all run from time to time
  • Find your purpose and live your passion through your values

To always be rising is a conscious commitment we make to ourselves to wake up each day and find the silver lining in whatever the day brings. It’s a declaration to be proactive in seeking out things that bring us happiness, joy and fulfillment and to then go do more of those things. It’s a lifestyle of being devoted to healing our past, gleaning the wisdom from our experiences and focusing on being purpose-based, heart-centered leaders. Sometimes it’s inspiring, fun and creative and other times it’s a deep dive into places within us we’d rather not go.


Being the best version of ourselves requires a willingness on our part to spend time in solitude, silent self-reflection, total honesty and heartfelt compassion.

It’s also necessary call for us to take responsibility for our lives; to be accountable for our choices, to live by our values and to speak our truth with integrity, congruence and grace. It requires strength, courage and bravery. It asks us to be vulnerable when we least want to, and it demands that we make choices that are in alignment with who we are. The work is anything but easy, and also yields the highest return on our investment of time, energy and intention.


To always be rising is something we strive for in each and every day.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being truthful, transparent, and diligent in our personal growth work. It’s about getting to know ourselves, tapping into our authenticity and learning what it means to be in our mastery. To always be rising means we’ve chosen to heed the call to amplify our vibration, to be authentic in who we are, and to help elevate our fellow humans.


In order to change anything, we have to first become aware of what needs changing.

There really is no template for how to up-level your life, and if there’s one thing I can say has to come first, it’s awareness. Sometimes this can be a tough pill to swallow because it requires that we also be brutally honest with ourselves.


  • Do we need to change our outlook?
  • Adjust our attitude?
  • Shift our behavior?
  • Modify our lifestyle?
  • Strengthen our relationships?
  • Rethink our job?


Whatever it is for each of us, becoming aware isn’t always fun because it’s like looking in the mirror and clearly seeing all the ways in which we’ve been deceiving ourselves (or others).


Once we’ve cut through our self-perpetuated illusions, it’s now time to take appropriate action that will lead to the change we seek. In some cases, we can make big changes right away. Other times, we may need to make incremental adjustments as we go, so as to allow ourselves ample time to acclimate and integrate.


It’s not easy work and, together we are stronger. Together, we can heal ourselves and others. Together, we inspire and empower one another to rise up, to live more openly and love more fully. 💗