Creating Pattern Interrupts and Learning New Behaviors


More and more people of all ages and walks of life are recognizing that they’ve adopted unhealthy behavior patterns and they’re desperately searching for a way out. A good dose of deconditioning might just be what you need to turn things around so you can start living a life of happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.


Deconditioning is a term used to describe a system for diminishing or eliminating the conditioned responses or behavior patterns that you assume over time.


We all develop behaviors and strategies that we run based on our upbringing, past experiences, and what society deems appropriate. In most cases, these patterns are unconscious—meaning, you do many of them without even thinking about it. If the behavior pattern is unhealthy, this is where you start to create real problems for yourself.


Resorting to behavior patterns that are detrimental can lead to poor health.


It can also lead to diminished self-worth, and an inability to be who you are meant to be, do the things you are destined to do, and have the things you deserve to have in your life. Continuing to run the same old behaviors can torpedo your relationships, tank your career faster than you can blink and, if you’re not paying attention, cause you to give up on yourself and your dreams.


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