how-to-beat-the-boredom-in-meditation-6Our results-driven society can make it difficult to slow down, let alone stop and sit in silence.

At times, launching a successful business and raising a family can seem easier than sitting in quietude for 20 to 30 minutes a day. The idea alone is enough to make some people squirm.

Meditation is a way of steeping ourselves in “beingness”—which is who we are at the core of our foundation. It is the golden practice that yields the results we so desperately seek. And yet, many of us are deeply challenged by the stillness and silence that meditation begets. Within minutes of sitting to meditate, the monkey mind is center stage and if the chatter becomes all-consuming, it can generate feelings of restlessness and boredom. It happens. It’s to be expected and it doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for meditation; it means that you need to find a solid support structure to help you acclimate.

Meditation is a practice of moving out of mental and physical activity to a place of inner calm and balance; it’s important to have an understanding of both the purpose and the intent behind the practice.

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